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Kodoku no Gurume Season 7 (TV Tokyo, Spring 2018) brings back lone foodie, Inogashira Goro (Matsushige Yutaka), as he goes about his business meetings while discovering eateries along the way, in and around Tokyo. The theme this season is "Encountering delightful gourmet that is not widely known in Japan." As always, we get to see the real shopowners in the end segment, "Furatto Qusumi" with manga author, Qusumi Masayuki.
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These are aegisubs files timed to 480p raws posted by VampireXxX at nyaa and 720p aoz raws.
In Ep 9, the shop's location is in Jeonju, not Cheongju, thanks to Anon for pointing it out.
Complete shop details will be posted once all the subs are done. Edit: Details of shops posted as pdf format. Link found here: Complete Details of Season 7 Shops: (pdf link)

Complete Batch of English Subs in .ASS format: (These are updated with corrections so I recommend you DL these ones)(480p) (AOZ raws)

Subs in individual episodes:
Click on "red bowl" for 480p subs.
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Click on "drink" for drama notes.

Ep. 1: "Shoulder Rosukatsu Set Meal of Honcho, Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture" - l l
Ep. 2: "One-Person Buffet of Kyodo, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo" - l l
Ep. 3: "Queso Fundido and Pipian Verde of Minami-Azabu, Minato Ward, Tokyo" - l l
Ep. 4: "Tanmen and Pork Sukiyaki of Shimonita, Gunma Prefecture" - l l
Ep. 5: "Green and Red Mapo Tofu of Mikawashima, Arakawa Ward, Tokyo" - l l
Ep. 6: "Black Sablefish Nitsuke Set Meal of Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture" - l l
Ep. 7: "Natto Pizza and Spicy Pasta of Higashi-Mukojima, Sumida Ward, Tokyo" - l l
Ep. 8: "Chicken Nanban and Jidori Momokushi of Hyakken Yokocho, Nakano Ward, Tokyo" - l l
Ep. 9: "Natto Jjigae and Self Bibimbap of Jeonju City, South Korea" - l l
Ep. 10: "Bone-In Pork Galbi and a Cluster of Side Dishes of Seoul City, South Korea" - l l
Ep. 11: "Special Garlic Soup and Fresh Salmon Sauteed in Butter of Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture" - l l
Ep. 12 Finale: "Garlic Chive Egg Rice and Spicy Shrimp of Hatchobori, Chuo Ward, Tokyo" -  | |

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Ep. Finale 12: "Garlic Chive-Egg Rice and Shrimp Chili of Hatchobori, Chuo Ward, Tokyo"

Episode Synopsis. Inogashira Goro is in Hatchobori to visit a long time client and friend, Igarashi (Otomo Kohei) who manages a music bar. The last time they've been in contact was four years ago when Igarashi made some drunken, unreasonable job request to Goro. This time, he has another "unreasonable" request... After finishing business talks, Goro starts looking for a shop to eat lunch. There were high-end shops within the area but eventually, he found "Chinese Food, Shibuya". It's exactly what he was looking for, an eatery that offers "the common people's meals". Inside, the shopowner (Kadono Takuzo) ushers him in. There were so many Chinese-style dishes to choose from, Goro had a hard time deciding. In the end, he orders Nira-Tama (Garlic Chives Stir Fry with Eggs), Shrimp Toast, Shrimp Chili...
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Ep 11: "Special Garlic Soup and Fresh Salmon Sauteed in Butter of Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture"

Episode Synopsis. Inogashira Goro is having a busy day, visiting clients in Chiba City. He comes to Mihama Ward via Nishi-Nobuto Station to negotiate with the manager of an Indian restaurant (Ueno Yukio) who has a thick Kansai accent. But Goro feeling tired from the day's work, cannot focus well. The scent of curry is also driving him wild with hunger. He ends the meeting immediately to look for a shop. Fortunately, he finds it right away. It was "Ebisuya", a cafe and restaurant that offers Western style food. He is greeted by senior proprietress (Fujita Yumiko) and the junior proprietress (Kobayashi Asako). The smell of garlic immediately hits him. It was from the shop's specialty item: Special Garlic Soup. Goro chooses it from the menu, as well as Crab Pilaf, Garlic Toast, Salmon Sauteed in Butter...
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Ep 10: "Boned In Pork Galbi and a Cluster of Side Dishes of Seoul, South Korea"

Episode Synopsis. It was Inogashira Goro's (Matsushige Yutaka) second day in Seoul, South Korea. On his way to his client's office, he spots and tries a food stall that sells tteok-bokki and Korean tempura. Afterwards, he attends a meeting with President Im (Sung Si Kyung), and his assistants, including Park Soo-Young (Park Jung-ah). Goro says his goodbye as his consultation ends, and is headed back home to Japan. However, he feels hungry, and looks around for a shop to eat. He decides to try a charcoal grill shop called "Jongjeom Sutbul Galbi". He was able to order by indicating that he'll be having what the other customers were eating. What he ordered was delicious pork galbi. What he didn't expect was it was accompanied by all sorts of banchan, or side dishes, as well as doenjang jjigae...

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Ep 9: "Natto Jjigae and DIY Bibimbap of Jeonju City, South Korea"

Episode Synopsis. Inogashira Goro (Matsushige Yutaka) has come to South Korea for the first time. He meets with the president of a trading company, President Im (Sung Si Kyung) who wanted to consult him regarding future trade with European markets. Goro says Korean traditional crafts have potential, and so he was sent to Jeonju City to inspect the products himself. He was accompanied by assistant Park Soo-Young (Park Jung-ah) to serve as his translator and guide. In Jeonju, they both visit makers and markets selling traditional furniture and umbrellas. Afterwards, Goro has an opportunity to stroll around town alone. He feels hungry and decides to try an eatery called "Tobang" that sells set meals. However, Goro of course does not understand the menu and just orders the most inexpensive item. What was brought to him suprised him. There were spicy pork, natto jjigae, and a variety of kimchi and side dishes. The proprietress informs him to cut the ingredients and mix them up in a bowl. Goro realizes that what he had ordered was a "mix-your-own" Bibimbap...

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