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Kodoku no Gurume ~Season 4~ (Tokyo TV, Summer 2014) is back in its fourth season. It is the live adaptation of Qusumi Masayuki and Taniguchi Jiro's manga starring Matsushige Yutaka, as Inogashira Goro. The teetotaler loner and import quality goods merchant continues to discover good food all over Tokyo during his business trips. He is also on the look out for new ways of eating, and small, preferably family-owned eateries with simple but outstandingly delicious menus. This season, he will also go and visit other prefectures as well. Also returning is manga author Qusumi who will visit the shop (the actual one featured in the episode) in his segment, "Furatto Qusumi", to sample the dishes and to interview the shop owners. 
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Season 4


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Ep. 1: "Spicy fried meat and bean sprouts of Kiyose City, Tokyo." -    |  
Ep. 2: "Korean-style tempura and Samgyetang Ramen of Ginza, Chuo Ward" l 
Ep. 3: "Steak bowl of Hakone, Ashigarashimo, Kanagawa Prefecture" - 
Ep. 4: "Hire kalbi and Sukiyaki-style sirloin of Komiya, Hachioji, Tokyo" - 
Ep. 5: "Young anchovy tempura and Mixed rice with octopus of Himakajima, Chita, Aichi Prefecture" -  

SP Business Trip Episode 
 "Mackerel-Sesame and Young fowl soup-taki of Nakasu, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture"  l  (Note: It is best to watch this SP after Ep. 5)

Ep. 6: "Lamb mint curry and Cheese kulcha of Kiba, Koto Ward, Tokyo" -
Ep. 7: "Pollack cream pasta and Pork cutlet sandwich of Torigoe, Taito Ward, Tokyo"  l 
Ep. 8: "Oxtail soup and Acai bowl of Asagaya, Suginami Ward, Tokyo" l 
Ep. 9: "Mota Kuto (Mao Zedong) Spareribs and Black Rice of Jingumae, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo" 
Ep. 10: "Ham and Egg set meal, and Cutlet Plate of Edagawa, Koto Ward" -  
Ep. 11: "Vietnamese shrimp salad roll and Chicken Glutinous Rice of Kamata, Oda Ward" -  
Final Ep 12: "Shrimp Dumplings and Grilled Onigiri of Ebisu, Shibuya Ward" -  

Complete subs: (480p) (720p)

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Ep. 12 Final: "Shrimp Dumplings and Grilled Onigiri of Ebisu, Shibuya Ward"

Episode Synopsis.

When Goro arrives in Ebisu, he stops by a shrine. There, he picks up a lighter dropped by an older man (Ishibashi Renji) and gives it to him. Then, he goes to see a client, a barista (Kobayashi Kentaro) owner of a coffee shop. He is having a hard time understanding this client's strange description of his request. The barista even treats Goro to an impromptu magic trick. Later, Goro again chances upon the man from the shrine. To show his appreciation for Goro's deed earlier, the man invites him to his shop, an izakaya called "Saiki" that also serves delicious seasonal dishes, elegant appetizers, and yummy rice balls...

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Ep. 11: "Vietnamese Shrimp Salad Rolls and Chicken Glutinous Rice of Kamata, Oda Ward"

Episode Synopsis.

Goro is waiting for a client, Santanda (Namba Keiichi), the head of an accounting company, at his office in Kamata, Oda Ward. While waiting, a uniformed middle-aged office clerk, Shiratori Mirei (Isayama Hiroko), brings him a glass of tea. Instead of leaving, the clerk stays and tries to make small talk. She even gives unsolicited advice to Goro regarding work, making him feel uncomfortable. Later, Goro, irked by what happened at that meeting, goes off in search of a restaurant that could soothe his raging stomach, as well as his foul mood. The place he chooses is "Thi Thi", a shop that serves delicious and aromatic Vietnamese home-style dishes...

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Ep. 10: "Ham and Eggs set meal, and Cutlet Plate of Edagawa, Koto Ward"

Episode Synopsis.

Goro has a sudden order for wine glasses. Not only that, the client wants it delivered in 2 hours. Goro rushes off to his rented warehouse in Edagawa, Koto Ward. He quickly rummages through his stocks and manages to find the items and somehow deliver it in time. He returns to the warehouse to once and for all, organize his stocks and tidy up the place. While putting things in order inside the hot warehouse, the warehouse custodian, Kawamoto (Sasano Takashi) comes in bringing slices of watermelon and invites Goro to a refreshing break... Later for lunch, Goro leaves his clean up for the meantime and walks to a nearby restaurant called "Atom". It has a peculiar sign and exterior but exudes a mysterious charm. Its owner, who is a beefy old guy (Fujiwara Yoshiaki) serves set meals of Western and Japanese cuisine...

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Ep. 9: "Mota Kuto (Mao Zedong) Spareribs and Black Fried Rice of Jingumae, Shibuya Ward"

Episode Synopsis.

Goro goes to Shinjuku to meet with Takiyama (Murata Takehiro), his friend and business associate. Arriving late at their meeting place, a cafe near Gaienmae, the enigmatic Takiyama apparently has a sweet-tooth. He orders fruit-topped pancakes and cola before giving Goro some prospective job requests. After that, while walking around Jingu Stadium, Goro suddenly remembers one hot day when he went to a baseball stadium to cheer for his nephew Futoshi who is a pitcher for his high school baseball team. The memory as well as what he ate at that time prompt Goro to look for a place to eat. Wanting to try something hot, he chooses a restaurant called "Shanway". It offers Chinese home cooking and Teppan dishes. Curious to see what Chinese teppan is all about, he gets inside, to be met with mild-mannered shop owner (Moro Morooka)...

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