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Shinigami-kun (TV Asahi, Spring 2014) is a live action TV adaptation of the manga by Endo Koichi ("Tsuideni Tonchinkan"). Ohno Satoshi stars in the title role of a novice Shinigami or "Angel of Death". He is known as "Shinigami No. 143" with the official designation of "Spirit World Administrative Body Soul Handling Authority". He visits and shows himself only to "Assigned-To-Die" humans who are under his care. Wearing a black suit, a bow tie, and a bowler hat, Shinigami-kun's responsibilities include informing these humans of their imminent demise, and escorting them to heaven. He can also prevent unscheduled deaths. However, the novice Shinigami would occasionally break the rules of the afterlife. The more Shinigami-kun goes about his tasks, the more he sympathizes with the humans facing death, thus he goes out of his way to accommodate their wishes. As a result, these actions as well as his occasional blunders and curious attitude, earn him the ire of his Monitoring Officer (Kiritani Mirei) who also transforms as a crow in the human world. Complicating matters for Shinigami-kun, are the mischievous Akuma or "Devil" (Suda Masaki) who competes with him in taking human souls in exchange for three wishes, and his other boss called "The Chief" (Matsushige Yutaka) who also keeps a watchful eye on him.
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"Angel of Death"

Subtitles by Wabi-Sabi Subs

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Ep. 1: "I've come to call on a beautiful heart. You have 3 days to live. I'll be with you in your final moments."   l 
Ep. 2: "Devil is born, By way of Death Note, a man exacts revenge on his bullying boss"  l 
Ep. 3: "To the Ocean, Young Miss with two days left to live and Elopement of Love ~ Shinigami VS Devil"  l 
Ep. 4: "God's Choice, Room blocked by fire... What will be the fate of 5 stranded people?  l 
Ep. 5: "A happy elderly couple ~For the grandson involved in Ore-Ore scam, Akuma whispers....!!"  l 
Ep. 6: "Great at deceiving!? ~A good woman financing a marriage swindler with 10 million"  l 
Ep. 7: "Battle of the Empresses of the Entertainment World...!? Last song of a glorious popular singer"  l 
Ep. 8: "Final Chapters!! Green bell peppers and my way of life"  l 
Final Ep. 9: "Farewell kind Shinigami!! Be with me for my final moments"  l 

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Final Ep. 9: "Farewell kind Shinigami!! Be with me for my final moments"

Episode Synopsis:
After deliberating whether to punish Shinigami No. 413 and his Crow Officer for committing a blunder, the higher-ups decide to let the two off the hook. However, if they commit one more blunder, it would definitely mean termination for both. And unfortunately, their next case is a tough one: An unknown person is set to commit a "mass murder" in a building, which could cause numerous unplanned deaths. Shinigami and his Officer go to this said site, a corporate building of Minoshima Foods, a leading manufacturer of food products. Since it is considered an emergency, they show themselves to the corporate top brass to find the identity of the culprit. The company president, Minoshima Joji (Bengal), his secretary (Ito Yuko) and other top executives gather in the conference room to discuss a mysterious email message that was sent to them. However, they realize it was a ruse to trap them inside the room. Via the monitor screen, the culprit, Nakahira Takeshi (Tanaka Kei), a disgruntled former employee, appears to them, to announce his intentions: he has planted a bomb somewhere in the building and...

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Episode 8: "Last Chapters!! Green bell peppers and my way of life"

Episode Synopsis:
Shinigami's last case was a major blunder. Akuma has unfortunately taken the soul of the person he was in charged with. As the higher-ups in heaven decide on their fate regarding this incident, the gentle-hearted Soul Handler and his feisty Crow Officer continue on with their next case. This time, the Assigned-To-Die is businessman Uchida Katsuya (Koichi Mantaro), who is not only ill, but whose company has gone bankrupt, and is about to lose everything as well. He is worried about the future of his family. His wife, Mie (Nakagoshi Noriko) is a woman who grew up spoiled, fond of luxuries and not accustomed to hardships. Meanwhile, his young son, Shota (Takahahi Rai), has been having trouble with his grades and cannot make friends in school. Believing their future is bleak, Katsuya thinks on his own that it is better off to die together as a family...

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Episode 7: "Battle of the Empresses of the Entertainment World...!? Last song of a glorious popular singer"

Episode Synopsis:
Shinigami and his Monitoring Officer are in danger of losing their lives. Their boss, the Chief tells them that if they commit one more blunder, their lives will be cut short. Meanwhile, Akuma strikes again, this time choosing a victim from the entertainment world. She is Tachibana Yukari (Shimizu Kurumi), a popular singer-songwriter. Yukari wants to be famous again after years of not having a single hit. She also hates a certain singer whom she claims has been imitating her, and had robbed her of her fans. She is Nakano Ami (Yuzuki Fuka), the current popular singer, who says she idolizes Yukari... Can Shinigami and his Crow Officer manage to stop Akuma from taking another life, as well as, to save their own?

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Episode 6: "Great at deceiving?! ~A good woman financing a marriage swindler with 10 million yen"

Episode Synopsis:
Shinigami and his Monitoring Officer are trying to prevent an unscheduled death by stopping a woman from committing suicide. She is Takayama Rina (Ito Ayumi), an editor for a women's lifestyle magazine. When confronted, Rina denies she is trying to kill herself. Why should she? She's young, lovely and has a successful career. Nevertheless, as soon as the Soul Handlers turn their back, Rina takes a bottle of sleeping pills and...
Meanwhile, Shinigami goes to his next Assigned-To-Die case. He is Wada Akira (Suzuki Kosuke), a rather dubious widower who meets with various women. He seems to know his way around women, managing to persuade them into giving him money, to help finance what he says is his "business venture". He even brings and uses his young cute daughter, Miyu (Sato Mei) to these dates to help him charm these women. In one of these meetings, Shinigami shows up and informs Wada he has two days to live...

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