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Hanayome no Chichi (MBS, TBS; Winter 2012) or "Father of the Bride" is a special drama shown on Jan. 8. It stars Yanagiba Toshiro as Hoshino Satoshi, a man who takes part in the traditional bull-fighting matches in his hometown of Yamakoshi in Niigata Prefecture. He had dreamed of being a manga artist during his junior high school days but had to settle for a career in raising bulls. Losing his wife early on, he becomes a single father to Mine (Kanjiya Shihori), his lovely daughter born with a hearing disability. Mine is engaged to be married; however, for some reason, the engagement was canceled. Satoshi allows his heart-broken daughter to take a trip to Tokyo, hoping it will help take her mind off things. However, he receives a phone call, informing him that his daughter had been a victim of a pickpocket, losing her money and phone in the process. She is fine though, and had been taken in by a family who runs a 'funayado' or a shipping house. A worried Satoshi drives to Tokyo to fetch Mine. Despite what happened, Satoshi notices that Mine seems to have brightened up for some mysterious reason. Then one day, Satoshi was visited by a man from Tokyo. It was Maru (Mukai Osamu), the heir to the shipping house, and he has come to ask for his daughter's hand in marriage...
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Hanayome no Chichi
"Father of the Bride"

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Here are some drama notes for Hanayome no Chichi SP from me and danburi!

Yamakoshi, Niigata. It was a former village that has been merged with the city of Nagaoka. It's famous for its bull-fighting tournaments, local koi farming, and picture-perfect scenery of mountains, forests, terraces, and backpacking trails.
(info: everyjapancar) (pic: nf-world) (more pix: snowjapanforum)

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 Right now, I and danburi are subbing "Hanayome no Chichi."

Taking some time out to fangirl for a moment... lol

There's something really interesting about Mukai that I've noticed for a long time. He has an "on and off cuteness switch." He turns it off when he's playing roles that require him to be just in the background (Bambino, Shinzanmono, Honey and Clover), unassuming and uninteresting. But dang! when he switches it on - oh, boy!

I'm sure he knows what will happen if he switches it on - the other lead actors will just fade embarrassingly into the shadows...

In Hanayome... the cuteness switch is really turned all the way up! So please stay tuned for it~! But gotta finish first with Shinya... as promised.

This guy knows how to press your kyun-kyun buttons...!!! Uwaah~...


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