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Here are some notes from the recent special of KagiHeya:

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F & F Shop. Enomoto Kei's shop is called "F&F", or "Forewarned and Forearmed". The shop in the SP (which looks like his former basement hang-out at his previous company) looks different from that described in the book. Here is the description of the shop in the book by danburi who has read "The Glass Hammer" (first book of the series):
"According to the book "Glass Hammer" which was the last episode of the season but it was the first time Aoto and Enomoto met in the book. It seems that someone mentioned to Aoto about Enomoto as a security consultant. So she went to visit his store to consult the case. The store is located at the second floor of a tall skinny building. You can see the name of the store "F & F Security Shop" on the window facing the street which was made by sticking blue tape on the inside of the window. There is an elevator but also a very narrow staircase in the building. There is a store sign hanging on the door with F & F and "Forewarned & Forearmed" right under it. When you open the door, there is a chime to know that the door has been opened...

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Kagi no Kakatta Heya SP (Fuji TV Drama Special, Winter 2014) brings back the trio of Enomoto, Aoto, and Serizawa, based on two stories by original author Kishi Yusuke. Half a year has gone by after Enomoto Kei (Ohno Satoshi) disappeared. Lawyers Serizawa Gou (Sato Koichi) and Aoto Junko (Toda Erika) are back to doing their normal work. Then, one day, a chairman of a securities firm was found bludgeoned to death inside his locked house. It was Serizawa who discovered the body along with the victim's niece, Ikuko (Kuroki Hitomi). Detective Konno (Ukaji Takashi) asks about the connection between the victim and Serizawa. The lawyer reveals he was mediating the donation of a billion yen worth of art collection, used to belong to the victim's late wife, to an art museum. Later on, Serizawa is asked by Ikuko to put a stop to the donation. She claims that on the day before her uncle was killed, he told her he intended to cancel the donation. However, Serizawa finds her story suspicious, considering Ikuko is the sole heir of the victim... Around the same time, too, there is a suspicious hooded man following Serizawa around, and making threatening phone calls...

Some days pass, an old man, accompanied by his apartment custodian, Kohiyama (Okada Yoshinori) come to Serizawa's law firm to ask for assistance. Aoto attends to the old man who says he has a locked room mystery for them to solve. But instead of a murder, it was a locked room lifesaver mystery! Apparently, he wants to find the unknown person who saved him when he was having a heart attack inside his locked apartment. The person managed to come in, gave him first aid, called for an ambulance, and then disappeared... Eventually, Aoto accepts the request, and goes to the scene. At the old man's apartment building, a man comes, called earlier by Kohiyama to install a new security camera at the place. It is no other than Enomoto! Delighted, Aoto lets Enomoto in on the case...

Soon, Serizawa, having learned of Enomoto's return, also asks the expert locksmith for help on his client's locked room murder case. Serizawa and Ikuko go to meet with Hiramatsu (Shiro Sano), the head of the art museum which is supposed to be the recipient of the art collection. Hiramatsu does not seem to take it well upon learning about the cancellation of the donation. Meanwhile, Enomoto and Aoto meet with the museum's featured artist, Inaba Toru (Fujiki Naohito). Inaba, a well-known artist, is working on a piece for an exhibition, a maze that mimics the mirror house of an amusement park. Among the pieces there that Inaba made, is a huge object that catches Enomoto's eye...
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Kagi no Kakatta Heya SP
~Kagami no Kuni no Satsujin~
"Murder in the Land of Mirror"

A Fuji TV Drama Special

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Kagi no Kakatta Heya (Spring 2012, Fuji TV) stars Ohno Satoshi as Enomoto Kei, an eccentric individual who happens to be an expert locksmith. He usually stays at the basement storeroom of the security company he works in. Corporate lawyer, Serizawa Go (Sato Koichi) is a practical man who hates having his time wasted and has no interest in crime mysteries. His newly hired assistant is upstart lawyer, Aoto Junko (Toda Erika), a woman with a strong sense of justice and a very curious nature. She manages to persuade Serizawa to help out in a case involving a death inside a locked room. Whichever way they look at it, it seems unlikely to ever get resolved. Until they come upon Enomoto, who with complete confidence declares: "There is no locked room in this world that can't be unlocked..."
© original text by: earthcolors

~Kagi no Kakatta Heya~
Subs by EarthBuri Team

Translations, editing and fine timing: earthcolors
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Ep. 1: "The Standing Man" -  |  |  |  
Ep. 2: "The Locked Room" -  | 
Ep. 3: "The Labyrinth of the Board Edge" -  |  |
Ep. 4: "Black Fang" -   |  | 
Ep. 5: "The Room That Wasn't Locked" -  |  | 
Ep. 6: "Locked Room Theater" |  | 
Ep. 7: "The House of Will-o'-the-Wisp" -  |  | 
Ep. 8: "Only the Dog Knows" |  |
Ep. 9: "The Deceived Man" -  |  |  |
Ep. 10: "The Glass Hammer" Part 1 -  | 
Ep. 11: "The Glass Hammer" Part 2  | 

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Last Episode: "The Glass Hammer" Part 2

Episode Synopsis. Serizawa and Aoto continue to ponder on the murder case of a president of a nursing care company. Enomoto is meanwhile detained by the police as a person of interest, for his past connections with the victim. However, he gets released after the vice president, the main suspect in the case, admits that he may have committed the murder in his sleep...
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Ep. 10: "The Glass Hammer" Part 1

Episode Synopsis. Serizawa and Aoto attend a meeting with a client, the president of a nursing care service company. They learn that someone had fired a gun at the office of the president and that he received several threatening letters from an anonymous person. Serizawa naturally suggests hiring Enomoto to beef up the security on the top floor of the building where their offices are located. Enomoto comes in to work and recognizes the president as someone he had serviced before. However, the president does not remember him. Unfortunately, before the mystery-solving locksmith could start working on enhancing the security system of the place, the president winds up dead inside his office...

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