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"Hagane no Onna" ("A Woman of Steel") is a drama that had its first season shown during the 2010 Summer TV season on TV Asahi.  Its second season aired from April to June 2011.  It stars the lovely Kichise Michiko as Haga Ineko (nickname: 'Hagane' which means 'steel'), a former teacher who after suffering from a broken heart decided to return to the classroom.  The challenges she faced enabled her to renew her strength and sense of purpose as well as changing the lives of her students and the people around her.

"Hagane no Onna 2"
Subbing Project

Translator: earthcolors
Re-timing of raws by: furransu

No uploading in streaming sites.
No reposting and hardsubbing of subs.

Subbing Status:

Episode 1:  Released (subs)
Episode 2:  Released (subs)
Episode 3:  Released (subs)
Episode 4:  Released (subs)
Episode 5:  Released (subs)
Episode 6:  Released (subs)
Episode 7:  Released (subs)
Episode 8:  Released (subs)
Final Episode:  Complete (subs) 6/21/11

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21 June 2011

I am happy and proud to announce that Hagane no Onna (Season 2) is finally complete. I can say that I'm happy to have worked on this project. It's my first independent fansubbing project. I'll surely miss the kids, Hagane, and Mizushima-sensei. Anyway, the director liked working with Saito Takumi (Mizushima) and made a joke in the drama's blog, saying that they're thinking of coming up with a spin-off this time with Mizushima's turn as a teacher and the title would be "Man and Woman of Steel." Haha! XD

Here are my favorite moments from the last episode:

"Kenzan!": Last year's Class 4-3 teams up with the kids of 4-4

Cutey munchkin, Hiroshi-kun all googly-eyes for the pretty Kyoko-chan

Bad boy Ryosuke with his twin: Don't they look like 2 small chibi grumpy Ohno-kuns? X-)

In the 1st ep, Ryosuke kicked a soccer ball at the newcomers from Mizukawa. At the end of the last ep, this time, he hands out the ball to Tomoki as a sign of friendship - and gave a big wonderful smile. :D

Goodbye to Season 2's Class of 4-4 and their Senseis!

Til next time~...!

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This is the theme song of Hagane no Onna (Season 2), 'Kodama' by Ketsumeishi.  This is my first time to translate the lyrics of a Jpop song. As all my subs, it is not 100% accurate. But frankly, I find it easier to translate a 45 min. drama than a 4 min. song. Songs are sooo hard! T-T
If you like the lyrics of the song, then you should watch Hagane 2 or at least the 1st episode, since they based the lyrics on parts of the episode. I mean, the song makes more sense if you get to watch it.

Nihongo lyrics can be found
You can listen to the song

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16 June 2011

This episode is the second to the last... I'm feeling a bit sad that it'll soon be over but then I'm excited to wrap this series up as well. Things are getting better for Hagane's class - previous animosities are getting patched up, attitudes and outlooks being changed for the better, personal issues are being cleared, problems being solved, etc...
Senpai Marii-chan, the former queen of last season's Class 4-3, is growing up to be a wise, taller, and prettier young lady.

One of the moving scenes from the Ep 8: Atsuko lets her hair down by finally choosing to let go...

One of the things I hated when I was a kid: Class Reports! But these kids seem to enjoy it...

Last episode is airing tonight. From what I could discern from the preview, Hagane will be leaving probably going to the Netherlands to be with her fiance.  But it's just a hunch.  I'll be releasing the last subs very early 'cause I'll be finishing it quick since I'm excited to find out about the ending.

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 9 June 2011

Episode title for #7: "Family Matters...Don't Give Up" deals with a child's (Haruka) reaction to her parents' pending divorce.  Haruka is the proud 'queen' of the Aikawa girls, and this difficult chapter in her life forces her to reassess her harsh treatment of Natsuki whom she teases for being 'motherless.' Meanwhile, Natsuki happily reunites with her estranged mom but with painful consequences.

Haruka shows off her impressive 'taiko' drumming skills in this episode

Mom vs. GF: Mana's showdown with Natsuki's selfish mother portrayed by one of the prettiest JP actresses, Fueki Yuko (or Yoo Min in SKorea)

Too-cool-for-school Mizushima-sensei finally warms up

It has just been announced that next week's ep. 9 will be the last episode!
As of now, I'm already finalizing my subbing plans for the summer 2011 season. :)
And I've decided to use those fun and amusing Arashi gif moods from now on... but mostly using Ohno gifs because he's my babe. :)


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