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Kodoku no Gurume (Tokyo TV, Winter Edition 2012) or "Solitary Gourmet" is a live action drama adaptation of the manga by Qusumi Masayuki (story) and Taniguchi Jiro (art). There are two main stars in the drama. One is Matsushige Yutaka as Inogashira Goro, a private merchant who personally runs his imported dry goods business on his own. Being a man of a few words, he prefers to live an uncomplicated, solitary lifestyle. He smokes but doesn't drink alcohol. He also has a very healthy appetite. The other star is the food. In between meetings with clients in various towns, Inogashira-san makes it a point to visit different eateries, try out their tasty dishes, and discover the best way to eat them. These eateries are real places in Tokyo serving the actual food featured in the drama. A bonus mini-segment at the end features manga author, Qusumi visiting these places and interviewing their real owners.
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~Kodoku no Gurume~
Season 1

Subs by EarthBuri Team

Translations by:
earthcolors and danburi

Editing, fine timing, and QC: earthcolors
Spot Translator, fine timing, and QC:

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Final Episode: "Okinawa Soki-Soba and Agu Pork Broiled in Natural Salt of Nakameguro, Meguro Ward"

Episode Synopsis. For the last episode, Inogashira-san meets an unusual-looking married couple on his way to an appointment. However, he realizes that he had missed his lunch so he grabs a quick bite along the way. He then goes to meet with the young pretty owner of a pre-used clothes shop in Nakameguro. Afterwards while strolling around town, he winds up in a street filled with restaurants offering varied menus. He decides to try out an Okinawa-themed restaurant called "SokaBokka..." for a delightful tropical island feast.
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Ep. 11: "Extra Spicy Curry Rice at a Nomiya (Tavern) in Nezu, Bunkyo Ward"

Episode Synopsis. It's been three years since a friend of Inogashira, a weaving teacher, opened a French goods shop. He visits her and her shop in Nezu, Bunkyo, and was delighted to find her adjusting well. He notices that she is suited to her neighborhood with its warmth and laid-back atmosphere. After he takes his leave, he realizes he needs to go to the bathroom. A bit embarrassed, he had no choice but to use the facility of the nearest shop he could find, a nomiya or a drinking/eating establishment called "Sumire." Since he is feeling hungry, he decides to stay after finding out that not only drinks are being served but real meals as well. But then, an unruly drunk steps inside the shop...
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Ep. 10: "Ginger Pork Rice Bowl with Fried Egg of Higashi-Nagasaki, Toshima Ward"

Episode Synopsis. For his next appointment, Inogashira-san goes to Toshima Ward. He stops and buys from a cheerful fruit vendor who has a knack for telling puns. Then, he meets up with his client from the movie industry who in turn has a propensity to talk using mimetic words. Afterwards, Inogashira-san takes a stroll through a park and happily gazes at hard-working students from a nearby arts college, practicing their required routines. His growling tummy reminds him that it's time to eat so he goes back to a place where a diner had earlier caught his eye. It was "Dining Sekizawa," an eatery that offers a myriad of home-made, affordable set meals...
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Ep. 9: "Hiroshima-Style Okonomi-yaki of Shimokitazawa, Setagaya Ward"

Episode Synopsis. Inogashira-san spends a day-off watching his friend's play in Shimokitazawa. Somehow, he falls asleep towards the end of the play. Later, he learns that the lead actress had run off. He finds her afterwards wandering in the streets and decides to follow her, while tasting the street food along the way. He ends up introducing himself to the young lady, who in turn opens up to him about her troubles. Inogashira-san may not be able to offer words of comfort but at least he was able to give her his take-out food, hoping it would be enough to console her. He leaves and realizes he has yet one more thing to console... his own tummy. He goes off and stumbles upon "Hiroki," a shop that serves teppan-yaki and Hiroshima-style okonomi-yaki...
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