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Hondana Shokudo Season 2 (Summer-Fall 2015, NHK BS) is about a duo of male shoujo (romance) mangaka and their love for food literature or "2D Gourmet". Sanada Nishiki (Nakamura Aoi) and Yamada Jiro (Emoto Tokio) wanted to become gourmet mangaka, but for some reason, ended up drawing romance manga instead. Their shoujo manga, "Kimazui (Awkward) Moment" is a big hit. Having the pen name of "Himekawa Rosanna", Sanada (who is in charge of male characters), and Yamada (who draws the female characters) are always chasing deadlines. Keeping an eye on them is their strict and aggressive editor, Sakurada Miki (Yui Ryoko) whom they dubbed, "The Ogre". Their quiet yet competent assistant, Ume-chan (Yamashita Rio) is at hand, supporting the two men and yet can't help but feel bewildered about their idiosyncrasies... Particularly, when Sanada and Yamada would suddenly drop everything, get away from their hectic work and resort to escapism. The two would go to their secret base: a roomful of food literature (manga, books, essays). They spend their time browsing for dishes to try out and recreate in their kitchen... Their neighbors, Sugita Kenji (Makita Sports) and Kurata Sumire (Aizawa Rina) would usually drop in to see what the duo had cooked up. In Season 2, the duo is back once again. 2D Gourmet continue to stir their appetites but as always, they earn the ire of their editor for their constant escapism...
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Literal Title: "Bookshelf Dining"
Official NHK EN title: "Restaurant --Recipes from a Book"

Subtitles by WABI-SABI SUBS

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I will not sub Season 1 (so far, it hasn't been subbed). I think it only had 2 episodes: "Garlic Meals" and "Seafood Meals". However, you can still view Season 2 (without having to view S1) because these are basically "stand-alone" episodes.
Edit: I already watched S1, it really only has 2 episodes. And you're not missing much (they were more like "pilot episodes"). So it's really okay to start with Season 2.
If you are interested in Japanese food literature or in Japanese books in general, this is the show for you.
First batch of 4 episodes were shown in July; the last batch (Eps. 5-8) will be shown in October.
Edit2: So far there are no good quality raws available for Eps 5-8. So I used webrips instead. If you're not bothered using such LQ rips, I'm including the links in the .rar files on where to dl them.
Edit3: Raws are now available!

Subbing Updates:

Click on "food" for the subs, and "pencil" for the drama notes

Ep. 1:
"Horror Meals Volume" -    | 
Ep. 2: "Pasta Volume" -    | 
Ep. 3: "Manly Meals Volume" -  

Ep. 4: "The Longing Gourmet Manga Volume" -  | 

Ep. 5: "Mystery-Solving Meals Volume" -  | 

Ep. 6: "Women's Meals Volume" -  | 

Ep. 7: "Midnight Snacks Volume" | 
Ep. 8 Final: "Green Onion Volume" -  | 
D-addicts thread: (link)
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Ep. 8 Final: "Green Onions Volume"

Episode Synopsis. In this episode, the secret as to how "Himekawa Rosanna" was formed is finally clear... While Nishiki and Jiro are as usual scrambling to meet the deadline, a courier arrives, delivering a package addressed to Jiro. It was from his parents who are at his hometown of Shimonita, Gunma Prefecture. Inside were green onions, and photo albums. The photos prompted the two to reminisce about the past, particularly the time they brought their works to a publishing company. Their meeting was the start of their partnership, bounded by a shared dream of becoming gourmet mangaka...

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Ep. 7: "Midnight Snacks Volume"

Episode Synopsis. Sakurada is berating Nishiki and Jiro once again for missing another deadline. However, this time it was cut short since Sakurada has somewhere to go. Later, at midnight, the two mangaka are listening to a radio program while finishing their manuscript. Then, they hear the voice of their editor on the radio. It seems she is the guest of the show, a program that interviews industry people regarding their chosen profession. Both Nishiki and Jiro send in their question anonymously as well: "What shall we do if the work is so hard and difficult?" To their surprise, Sakurada's answer is...
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Ep. 6: "Women's Meals Volume"

Episode Synopsis. Jiro and Nishiki are taking it easy for the day. Their storyboard had been approved and they are set to finish in time for the deadline. Meanwhile, their assistant Ume is on her day-off. She spends it enjoyably at an amusement park in Asakusa. Later on, Jiro and Nishiki's "Ogre" editor, Sakurada suddenly arrives at the house, telling them to rewrite their storyboard. "I've changed my mind after all..." she says, and hands them back their rejected draft...

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Ep. 5: "Mystery-Solving Meals Volume"

Episode Synopsis. Nishiki had been tasked to sign books that will serve as prizes for their readers. Jiro wanted to sign autographs too, since after all, he is half of "Himekawa Rosanna". But his signature was turned down and, Nishiki's version of the autograph was deemed feminine and more appropriate compared to his. While Jiro was complaining about it, the doorbell rang. They have a visitor, female high school student, Shimane Asuka (Kizuki Narumi). She introduced herself as a big fan of Himekawa Rosanna. But how did she know the "author" lives there? Not only that, the two men were stunned when later on, she declared, "Himekawa Rosanna is among you!"
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