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Since I've been needing a break since forever, my stance this summer is NOT to sub any current weekly drama, but only some SP or two (I was planning to sub some movie also but I saw that English subs will be available in its upcoming dvd/bluray release so nvm). However, seeing that there are many interesting dramas this summer, I cannot say I am fully committed to my promise. So my stance right now is... "it-depends-so-just-wait-and-see-but-if-possible-take-a-break-and-no-drama-subbing-this-summer-please".

One SP so far in my list...

Gokumontou. An NHK two hour SP shown November of last year, that slipped past the jdrama radar. It's a Kindaichi Kosuke masterpiece mystery, and quite challenging to translate. I've been working on this for some time now but seldom got the time to focus on it. Now that KodoGuru6 is done, I'll finally get to finish it. Special thanks to VampireXxX who helped me scour the internet for a good raw. While waiting, you can read about the plot/adaptations, HERE and HERE. Please look forward to it~.

That is all for now~.
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Ahh~ just when I thought I could rest this Spring TV season, in comes "Kodoku no Gurume Season 6"... oh well...
Anyway, I really enjoyed Seirei no Moribito S2, and was happy that I took up that project. Really excited for Season 3...

Here are the projects for spring:

Mamagoto. (Continuation)
I promise to finish this. I won't start with KodoGuru6 unless I'm done with this first. Just 2 episodes to go...
Edit: Done! Subs complete.

Kodoku no Gurume 6.
Starts April 5 8, but as I said, I might start late (maybe sometime next week). Just want to rest a bit after I'm done with Mamagoto.
Also, while researching for latest news about this show, I chanced upon this article from AV Club, where our subs got mentioned. lol

Some SP...
I wanted to sub an SP or two but can't promise anything and I don't want to deter other subbers from taking them either.
I hope I'll have the time though...

That's all for now...
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I wanted to take a subbing break for the first part of this year though. But oh well...

Seirei no Moribito 2: Kanashiki Hakaishin.
Starts Jan. 21...
Update: Currently releasing subs.. Done! Subs released.

Continuation... Hopefully I'll finish before Seirei 2 starts.
Update: I'm translating the last 4 episodes, and when done, I will release all in one batch.

Kodoku no Gurume New Year SP 2017.
He's back~!
Update: Done! Subs released.

Happy New Year, everyone! Hopefully it won't be as shitty as 2016... lol

Too Young to Die (Movie). 
Sorry, I'm supposed to be working on Mamagoto but I got distracted by this movie.
Haven't felt this excited since I subbed Amachan, because of course Kudo Kankuro
wrote and directed this movie. I'm almost done, just needs type-setting and final tweaking.
You have got to watch this, it's just pure awesomeness...
Update: Done! Subs released.


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Here are my projects for Fall 2016...

Cold Case ~Shinjitsu no Tobira~.
In progress. Good thing there's JP subs ne?
Update: Done!

Also in progress. This is a side project while above is the priority. It will take time and I will release subs by batches of around 2 or 3 episodes. The problem is, I couldn't find all raws yet. Filmku dot net has 3 episodes so far (I downloaded mine from streaming site like dramacool because it's faster and you have a choice of HD and SD versions too). If there's none still, I will use the CH hardsubs.
Update: Raws are now available. Currently releasing subs.

That's all for now~!
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It's already June, and I'm only announcing my spring projects now? lol. I'm doing this for my own personal archival purposes even though it's quite late.

Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi.
I'm sure you already know I'm subbing this one. Frankly, I had hesitations when I heard it was a rom-com. If it hadn't been for Ohchan, I wouldn't even try touching it. As much as possible, I stay away from subbing JP rom-coms because they usually have talkative scripts, a lot of pretty random stuff in dialogues, that would leave me scratching my head and go, "Whhhat?". Now, the drama is almost over, and it was what I expected it to be. But I'm learning a lot though, and I'm enjoying the story so far.
Status: Subs being released. Done!

Kono Machi No Inochi Ni.
This was the WOWOW SP I mentioned before.
Status: Subs have been released.

Seirei No Moribito (Season 1)
The reason it took me so long to decide whether to sub this or not is because it was shown as an anime before. So I assumed anime subbers would be interested in taking this project up (because they usually do, right?). But there were none which I find puzzling. Have no regrets though, and it gave me the impetus to read the novel which I enjoyed immensely. The drama is wonderfully done too so I was disappointed to hear that it had low ratings. Anyway, looking forward to Season 2. Ganbatte, Haruka-san, cast, and NHK staff!
Status: Subs have been released.

I cannot promise to take up Season 2 of Gou Gou Datte Neko De Aru (Why do I always choose dramas that end up having multiple seasons?). It depends if there will be CH-JP subs (I hope there will be because I love Season 1). If none, then I'll see what I can do.
Before spring ends, I hope I will get to sub an SP or two.
For the summer, so far there are no dramas that seem interesting. So maybe I'll look back in the past seasons, and sub those interesting ones that are left unsubbed.

Gou Gou Datte Neko De Aru Season 2. 
Yes! I'll be subbing it! But I'll start next week after I'm done with SekaMuzu.
Status: Subs being released.
Edit 1: Slow progress since I have no time these days. Besides there seems to be little interest anyway and not much feedback. When I did have time, I have to use it to make the Kodoku SP recently since that one is always a priority.
Edit 2: Subs done!

Kodoku no Gurume 2016 SP: "Misummer Miyagi-Tohoku Business Trip Edition" 
Status: Subs to be released!

That's all for now~!


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