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I guess I only have one project this season...

Cold Case Season 2.
I'd like to take my time with this one. So please expect slow releases.
Update: I'm almost done subbing all episodes but there are no raws yet starting Ep. 4 as of now. Will release once the raws are out.
Update2: done!

Kodoku no Gurume New Year's Eve Special (Kyoto-Nagoya Business Trip) 2019.
Will take it up, obviously next year~

And also, I'll be taking a subbing break for Winter TV season 2019.

That is all for now~ 
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I'm taking a break from subbing dramas. Actually, the only thing I'm interested in subbing was Gokudo Meshi but it's a shame it doesn't have JP subs! I will take on some SPs instead. And since I've just released subs for Kuroido Goroshi, and that I'm currently reading ebooks of Agatha Christie mysteries, I might as well tackle the other two SPs from TV Asahi. So I guess it'll be a summer of mysteries!

Paddington Hatsu 4.50 SP. Done and uploaded.

Daijoyu Satsujin Jiken SP. Still reading the book. Subs coming soon.
Update: Done

Akuma ga Kitarite Fue wo Fuku SP. The second installment of the NHK Kindaichi Kosuke mysteries, the first was "Gokumontou" which I subbed that starred Hasegawa Hiroshi. But the Kindaichi this time is portrayed by Yoshioka Hidetaka which kinda dampens my enthusiasm a bit (since I was hoping to see Hasegawa again). It seems NHK wanted different actors to play the detective role (there'll be a third one after this) so I guess it's okay. But subbing may take awhile and I'm hoping there'll be a raw soon too.
Update: Done
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Oh dear. This must be my "reward" for taking a long break last year. I now have too many projects lined up since most of these are sequels to my past subbing projects.

Yami no Bansosha (Season 2).
I'm happy this finally gets a sequel. But I might take my time on this since it's better to watch the episodes first to get the feel of the story in order to minimize mistakes in subbing. The first episode is always the trickiest to sub since you don't yet know what the whole story is about.
Update: Done

Kodoku no Gurume (Season 7).
This came out of the blue. Wasn't expecting it at all. Not even when they mentioned in the last SP, that they're hoping for our "continued support this 2018". Nope, never occurred to me at all lol.
Update: Done

Kuroido Goroshi SP.
Yay! I've been waiting for this! Nomura Mansai is back as eccentric detective, "Suguro Takeru" from the Orient Express SP I subbed in 2015. This time, the case is based on Agatha Christie's "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd" which I finished reading just recently in preparation for subbing.
Update: Done

Amachan Revision (New & Improved!)
I've been working on this on and off for around two years, I think. And now, it's done. I have revised, improved, and corrected the subs, AND finally made an aegisubs version. I will release it all on the 5th anniversary of Amachan's first day showing, April 1 (*big sobs* can't believe it's been 5 years already). So please, watch out for it, in case you're looking for something to rewatch, or having that nostalgia feels. Or if you haven't watched it yet and are interested, now is a good time to do so. So be ready and get your files! JehJeh!
Update: Done

Moteki (2010).
I know, I know. Why should I sub something that has already been subbed? Well, there are three reasons. The subs by Potion2 were great, considering he/she didn't have JP subs to work with, did it all by ear despite the fast dialogues, and mundane trivia ridden script that Moteki had but still... there were some missing lines. And if you were curious as to what they were, here's a chance to watch it again. Second, Moteki was one of the first dramas I liked and motivated me into subbing. And third, it was reshown last year and so JP subs were finally made available. Since this is a side project, I'll be taking it slow. Subs will be released in batches of 3. For those who haven't watched it yet but are planning to, using my subs but are impatient, I suggest that you wait until I finish all of it. Also, VampireXxX will post new 480p raw versions soon so again, be ready to get your files.
Update: For reasons, I have to put this on hold

That's all for now~.

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ただいま~. I had a good rest from subbing. Well, technically, I had to rest because my poor laptop is acting up and will need time to fix it. I'm here just to announce that I'll be taking up the following:

Seirei no Moribito 3.
Just saw the first episode today. And I've already read the book which is the basis of the Kambal arc for this final season. I'm looking forward to how they're going to end this series.
Update1: Hi. Too busy right now to work on my laptop so I've decided to postpone subbing until next year, January, or at least after the Christmas rush is over.
Update2: Currently subbing.
Update3: Done!

Kodoku no Gurume New Year 2018 SP.
Will be held on New Year's Eve.
Update: Done!

I still need to have my laptop fixed so expect some delays.
This is all for now~.

Shinobi no Kuni.  I decided to sub this after all. Man, the jidaigeki language gave me a headache. It was hard and there might be some mistakes but I think I managed to make it understandable. Will upload subs at any moment. Just finishing last minute tweaks.
Update: Done!
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Since I've been needing a break since forever, my stance this summer is NOT to sub any current weekly drama, but only some SP or two (I was planning to sub some movie also but I saw that English subs will be available in its upcoming dvd/bluray release so nvm). However, seeing that there are many interesting dramas this summer, I cannot say I am fully committed to my promise. So my stance right now is... "it-depends-so-just-wait-and-see-but-if-possible-take-a-break-and-no-drama-subbing-this-summer-please".

One SP so far in my list...

Gokumontou. An NHK two hour SP shown November of last year, that slipped past the jdrama radar. It's a Kindaichi Kosuke masterpiece mystery, and quite challenging to translate. I've been working on this for some time now but seldom got the time to focus on it. Now that KodoGuru6 is done, I'll finally get to finish it. Special thanks to VampireXxX who helped me scour the internet for a good raw. While waiting, you can read about the plot/adaptations, HERE and HERE. Please look forward to it~.
Update: Done!

That is all for now~.


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