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Shinya Shokudo 2 (MBS, TBS - Fall 2011) is the continuation of the 2009 drama series. Based on the manga by Abe Yaro, this drama returns to tell more stories - mainly those of the people who frequent "Meshi-ya," a humble night-time eatery found in one of the narrow alleyways of Shinjuku, Tokyo. This diner is run by an enigmatic cook whom everyone calls 'Master' (Kobayashi Kaoru). His menu consists only of tonjiru (pork stew) and some liquor. If there's anything else a customer wants, Master will prepare it only if he has the ingredients available. There are plenty of eateries in Shinjuku, and Master's diner isn't much... it's as small, nondescript, and unassuming as his menu. So what's in this midnight diner that makes his customers want to come back to it... again and again?
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Subbing Status:
Ep. 1 - "Red Sausages Again" Released (.srt) | Notes (link)
Ep. 2 - "Fried Chicken and Highball" Released (.srt) | Notes (link)
Ep. 3 - "Sake-Steamed Clams" Released (.srt) | Notes (link)
Ep. 4 - "Jellied Fish Stock" Released (.srt) | Notes (link)
Ep. 5 - "Canned Goods" Released (.srt) | Notes (link)
Ep. 6 - "Cream Stew" Released (.srt) | Notes (link)
Ep. 7 - "Pickled Cabbage"  Released (.srt) | Notes (link
Ep. 8 - "Cold Noodles"  Released (.srt) | Notes (link)  
Ep. 9 - "Meat-Potato Stew"   Released (.srt) | Notes (link  
Last ep - "Gyoza"  Released (.srt) | Notes (link 

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Drama Songs: (link)
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For Season 2: (here)
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Last Story (Story 20 or Ep10 of S2): "Gyoza (Pot-stickers)"

Episode Synopsis: "If I can, I'll make you anything you'd like to eat." Such is the business philosophy of Master. However, when it comes to 'gyoza,' he'd rather order from gyoza maker, Murata (Lily Franky). Murata's dumplings are known to be delicious and quite popular. One night, instead of Murata, a woman delivers the gyoza to Master's diner. Master remembers her from before. She's Momoko (Kurotani Tomoka), the former girlfriend of Meshi-ya's most eccentric customer, Katagiri (Odagiri Joe)...

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"Dekiru Koto" is the insert song played in the first episode of Shinya Shokudo (Season 2). Written, composed, and performed by indie folks/blues musician, Fukuhara Kimie. "Dekiru Koto" and all the other insert songs from the drama are available in her CD, "Oishii Uta" under TONE TOWN label.
(Official site: fukuharakimie)

kanji, romaji, english lyrics under the cut )

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Story 19 (Ep9 of S2): "Nikujaga (Meat-Potato Stew)"

Episode Synopsis. One night, one of Meshi-ya's regular customers, Kanemoto (Kaneko Kiyobumi) comes in with his lovely date, a woman named, Chiaki (Kochi Machiko). Master serves them nikujaga (meat and potato stew). The dish reminds Chiaki of her poor family back home. "We couldn't afford to buy beef," she admits, "and so we used pork instead." Kanemoto is obviously smitten with her, and in full view of Master and the other patrons, the two unabashedly flirt with each other....

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Story 18 (Ep8 of S2): "Cold Noodles"

Episode Synopsis.
Hitomi (Sakai Wakana), a woman who is highly sensitive to cold weather, just got dumped by her much younger boyfriend. One day, she meets fifty year old Hashimoto (Ashikawa Makoto) in a pet store, and falls in love with him. He, a man who is sensitive to heat, loves to eat "hiyashi chuuka (cold noodles)." So he and Hitomi make it a habit to visit Master's diner to eat cold noodles every weekend...

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