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Hitotsu Dake (Only Thing) is a 1980 song from singer/songwriter Yano Akiko from her album "Gohan Dekita Yo" under Tokuma Japan label. It has been covered by different artists like Kurokawa Mei, Sakamoto Miu (Yano's daughter) and the Bank Band. Her 2006 duet version with Japan's legendary rocker, the late Imawono Kiyoshiro, was released as part of her album, "Hajimete no Yano Akiko" (under Yamaha Music), a compilation album commemorating her 30th anniversary. This version was also chosen as the theme song of the 2012 movie, "Bread of Happiness."
Under the cut, you can find the lyrics plus English translation by danburi. This is based on the duet version with Imawono, whose several singing lines are slightly different from Yano's original solo version: 'Watashi' (in the original) was sung as 'boku'; 'anata' as 'kimi;' 'shiroi tobira' was sung as 'kuroi tobira;' and 'hoshiino' as 'hoshii yo.'
If you want to hear Yano Akiko's solo version, here she is from a 1984 concert.

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Shiawase no Pan (Bread of Happiness) is a 2012 Japanese film that starred Harada Tomoyo and Oizumi Yo. Set in a quiant village in Toyako, Hokkaido, it tells of a couple who runs a bread cafe overlooking a beautiful lake. The husband, Mizushima Nao (Oizumi) wants people to feel the seasons with the bread he bakes. His wife, Rie (Harada) brews the coffee and, using seasonal local ingredients, she cooks the dishes that go with her husband's bread. Life is peaceful and quiet for the couple. And once in awhile, friends and guests from near and far would come in to enjoy the couple's creations, to admire the view, or just unwind from the hassles of everyday life... (Info and pix from shiawase-pan website)
original text by earthcolors

~ Shiawase no Pan ~
Bread of Happiness

Written and Directed by:
Mishima Yukiko

Subs by EarthBuri Team

Translator, Timing, and Song Translation:

Editing, QC and Typesetting/Styling:

Special thanks to:
furransu, zdzdz

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Here are movie notes from the movie Shiawase no Pan (Bread of Happiness)...

Toyako, Hokkaido. The film was primarily shot in Tsukiura, Toya Village in Toyako, Abuta District, Iburi Sub-Prefecture, Hokkaido. It is near the circular-shaped lake called the Toya Lake. Mt. Usu, an active volcano, is located at the southern tip of the lake. Toyako was also the site of the 2008 G8 Summit.
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