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Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi (TV Tokyo, Winter 2013) is a TV adaptation of Miura Shion's novel of the same name. It is the continuation of the story "Mahoro Ekimae Tada Benriken," which was made into a movie in 2011. It starred Eita and Matsuda Ryuhei who are also reprising their roles in this drama.
Set in a fictional town of Mahoro located somewhere between Tokyo and Kanagawa, the story features a divorced man in his thirties, Tada Keisuke (Eita) who runs a benri-ya (odd job services). It is located on an unregistered lot in front of the town's train station. It has been a year since he encountered his former classmate, Gyoten Haruhiko (Matsuda Ryuhei), also divorced, who had ended up staying with him, and somehow never left. The two have little in common, and yet, they began working together, taking on "most job requests as much as possible." They meet all sorts of clients - an aging pro-wrestler, a love-struck karaoke customer, a stalked club hostess...  Even though little money comes in, the two still manage to scrimp by. In spite of their differences and occasional squabbles, both are able to pull through with their tasks. And despite leading a somewhat uncertain, lackluster lifestyle, both are well-meaning, softhearted guys who can't refuse a job request no matter how mundane or absurd it is, thus helping others in the process...

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"Unregistered Lot in Front of Mahoro Station"


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Ep. 1: "I take on the work in behalf of a pro-wrestler" -    |    
Ep. 2: "Looking for a lovely karaoke model" -   |   
Ep. 3: "Catching a hostess stalker" -    
Ep. 4: "Picking up a secret wax figure"  -    |    
Ep. 5: "Must refuse request to sort out a complicated past"  -    |   
Ep. 6: "We'll help you, Online Dating, Sakura Love"    |  
Ep. 7: "Taking charge of the disposal of a handgun"    |   
Ep. 8: "Hiding the engagement ring of a rival lover"   |   
Ep. 9: "We'll be guarding an effin cute Mahoro JK"   |   
Ep. 10: "We'll help you tie the Mahoro JK friendship"     |    
Ep. 11: "We'll do any request from the beautiful widow"   |  
Last Ep: "Mahoro Ekimae Tada Benri-ken, we're closing down the business"   |  

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Final Ep: "Mahoro Ekimae Tada Benri-ken: We'll be closing down the business"

Episode Synopsis. A lot of things are going through Tada's mind. He has heard that the restaurant of his widowed customer got thrashed by an iron pipe-wielding, hooded assailant. He can't do anything to help since the proprietress refuses to press charges against the culprit who happens to be her brother. Plus, the deadline for his moving out of the office building is drawing closer. Yet Tada is still undecided whether to transfer or just close down his Benri-ya business. Then, Gyoten discovers a man stretched out on the hallway in front of their office. It was the assailant, all bloodied up and beaten to a pulp. He lets him inside but later, Tada is furious after learning about it. "We don't have to do anything for him!" But the man pleads with them: "I'm in deep trouble! Please, let me hide here for a while!..."
(info and pic: tvtokyo)

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Here are the lyrics of the ED song of "Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi", Matomo ga Wakaranai by Sakamoto Shintaro. Translation by danburi-san:

This song is included in Sakamoto's CD which includes two other songs, "From the Dead" and "World Without Sadness" released under his own label zelone records. He also illustrated its sleeve cover (above).

kanji, romaji, en lyrics here )
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Ep. 11: "We'll accept any request from the beautiful widow"

Episode Synopsis. "After a month, you have to move..." The old landlord discusses apologetically with Tada about the impending changes in the building where Tada Benri-ken is renting an office. "It's okay," Tada says, "this was our deal anyway..." The conversation is interrupted by a phone call for Tada. It was from a proprietress of a well-known restaurant in town. He and Gyoten are asked to sort out the belongings of her deceased husband. "She's a beautiful widow, you know..." The landlord informs Tada beforehand. Still, upon meeting her, Tada is taken aback by how young and lovely she is. Gyoten notices and starts teasing him, especially when she asks Tada alone to help her in her restaurant and to drive her to and from work. "She likes you that much, huh?" But Tada insists it's just a job. However, as he spends more and more time with the lovely widow...
Meanwhile, there's a mysterious man wearing a hooded jacket watching them from a distance...
(info and pic: tvtokyo)

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Here are the lyrics of the OP song of "Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi", Beautiful Dreamer by Flower Companyz. Translation by danburi-san:

Flower Companyz is from Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. They're composed of Suzuki Keisuke (vocals), Great Maekawa (bass), Takeyasu Kenichi (guitar), and Mr. Konishi (drums).

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