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Ginnikan (Spring 2014, NHK) is a story set during the late 1700s Edo Period. A 10 year old boy named Tsurunosuke was wandering the countryside along with his samurai father, when the father gets killed in an act of revenge. The boy is about to get killed as well but was saved by a merchant, Wasuke (Tsugawa Masahiko) an owner of an agar wholesale business, Ikawaya. Wasuke buys the killer's revenge with one bag of ginnikan (Edo period's silver currency). Wasuke takes the boy with him to become an apprentice in his shop in Tenma, Osaka. The shop's head clerk, Zenjiro (Shiomi Sansei) is very strict with him and critical of the boy's defiant-like, proud Samurai mannerisms. The clerk is also not pleased upon learning that the precious ginnikan was exchanged for this boy. That hard-earned money was supposed to be donated for the rebuilding of Osaka's Tenmangu (shrine), which was destroyed in a fire the previous year. Tsurunosuke, who still clings to his Samurai heritage is unhappy with his situation, especially when he has to take on a new name: "Matsukichi". Having no choice but live on, Matsukichi (Hayashi Kento) starts his new life as a humble apprentice, learning the trade, and meeting the townsfolk, including a girl named Maho (Matsuoka Mayu / Ashida Mana). However, the Samurai spirit still lingers inside him, affecting his work and decisions. Will Matsukichi finally be able to relinquish those feelings and open his heart and mind towards the path of a merchant?
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 G I N N I K A N 

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Ep. 1: "Buying Out a Revenge" -   
Ep. 2: "Pride of a Merchant" -  l 
Ep. 3: "Two Paths" -  l 
Ep. 4: "The Wandering Heart" - 
Ep. 5: "The Last Promise" l  
Ep. 6: "Both Our Dream"
Ep. 7: "The Taste of Itokanten*" (*agar strips) - 
Ep. 8: "I Have Been Chasing the Past" -   l 
Final Ep. 9: "The Credibility of Ikawaya" l 

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Final Ep. 9: "The Credibility of Ikawaya"

Episode Synopsis.

Having established peace with his father's enemy, Matsukichi has finally let go of the past, and firmly accepts his path as a merchant... Ohiro succumbs to her illness, leaving behind a distraught Maho. Before Ohiro takes her final breath, she tells Maho, "That's enough..." Days after the funeral, everyone is worried about Maho. An exasperated Umekichi and Osaki confront Matsukichi to finally address once and for all his stubborn commitment to stick to his promise not to see Maho... Meanwhile, supplies of agar strips are dwindling. Will Hanbee be able to find good tengusa and deliver new agar in time?

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Ep. 8 "I have been chasing the past"

Episode Synopsis.

Matsukichi had come back to Ikawaya after finally creating a firmer agar, thus fulfilling his promises to Maho and to her father's memory. The new agar had also brought even more profit to Ikawaya, also partly due to Wasuke's crafty business acumen. Now that things seem better, Umekichi finally leaves Ikawaya to take over the Yamshiroya couple's shop, and have a family of his own. Osaki too has finally accepted that Matsukichi is not meant for her and decides to move on... Hanbee who was being threatened by someone from his former employment, had been forced to close his agar production site in his village. Accepting a donation of ginnikan from Ikawaya, he had set off to find good quality seaweed, and a place to build a new agar factory... Meanwhile, as promised, Maho and Matsukichi continue to not see each other. Moreover, Ohiro's sickness has been getting worse... Then one day, a man came to Ikawaya. He asks to see "Tsurunosuke", and introduces himself as Tatebe Genbu, the samurai who killed Matsukichi's father many years ago. Wasuke reminds Genbu that he had already sold off his revenge for the amount of gin 2 kan, and had promised to not come near Matsukichi again. However... "The revenge..." Genbu says, "is not worth as much..."

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Ep. 7: "The Taste of Itokanten (Agar Strips)"

Episode Synopsis:
With a broken spirit, Matsukichi had come back to Ikawaya, unable to make a firmer agar. On the positive side, Ikawaya had gone back to wholesale trading after Hanbee had completed his first batch of his delicious agar. Matsukichi tried to move on but after a large fire broke out at Maho and Ohiro's area, Matsukichi became worried about her. He once again remembers his promise to her and decides to go back to the agar factory. He resolves to finally make a new kind of firmer agar. However, it came at a cost. This time, Wasuke did not permit Matsukichi to leave. But Matsukichi decides to leave anyway and so he is banished from Ikawaya. Two months have passed, and he is still nowhere near to being successful, and is on the point of physical breakdown. Then, on one snowy day...
Some time has passed and Matsukichi nervously arrives back to Ikawaya, bearing with him a new agar he had made from the production site...

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Ep. 6: "Both Our Dream"

Episode Synopsis:
Otetsu has admitted she is Maho but has to keep the identity of Otetsu in order not to upset Ohiro, the dango-maker. Ohiro, who is sickly and slightly emotionally unstable, had saved Maho and brought her up as her own daughter as a way to replace the child she lost in the fire five years ago. Matsukichi also learns that her father and grandpa did not make it out alive from that fire. Maho makes him promise that they won't see each other anymore. He also promises Maho he will make a firmer agar which Kahei was looking for before he died, as a way to honor him. So he asks Wasuke to let him go to the agar factory to try and come up with a new type of agar, and is allowed. He sets for the agar factory with high hopes... Meanwhile in his absence, Umekichi continues on with the side jobs to help augment their income since the agar business is still put on hold. But to his surprise, he gets an offer to be adopted by the aging couple of Yamashiroya, and to take over their dried fish shop. It seems a good opportunity but he feels worried about Ikawaya's Master and Head clerk who are both getting old as well... Osaki who has been apprenticing on housework at Ikawaya, is heartbroken when it seems obvious to her that Matsukichi cares deeply for Maho... Hanbee, the chief agar-maker from the Fushimi factory (which has already been shut down) has put up his own production site in his home village of Hara in Shimagami-gun using money donated to him from Ikawaya. Matsukichi has come to help him with the business, and to make firmer agar as well. Months later, and through constant hard work, Matsukichi looks at the agar he was making and...

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