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Soup Curry (HBC/TBS, Spring 2012) is a drama commemorating Hokkaido Broadcasting Co.'s 60th Anniversary. Featuring Team NACS, this drama tells the stories of 5 Hokkaido men in their early 40s. One is an ace ladies wear salesman (Morisaki Hiroyuki) who aspires to open a soup curry shop; a cram school instructor (Totsugi Shigeyuki) who is torn between his fiancee and one of his students; an actor slash stay-at-home dad (Yasuda Ken) who hopes to get along with his rebellious daughter; a ceremonial planner (Oto Takuma) who dreams of providing his family with their very own home; and a culinary expert (Oizumi Yo) who wishes more out of life for him and his four college friends. As these men reach their middle-aged years, they deal with personal issues, involving family, career, friends, as well as their future. Taking place against the backdrop of bustling Sapporo, the drama also gives a taste of the city's spicy love affair with a warm and hearty dish they call 'soup curry'...
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Spice 10: Drama Digest

Episode Synopsis. Wada Shingo (teishoku shop owner) finally reopens his late father's diner, the Himawari-tei. This time, he is in charge of it and has a brand new dish to offer, soup curry. His friends and his dad's regular customers come in to congratulate him. One loyal family friend and patron, Tashiro-san, comes in to taste Wada's own soup curry topped with his father's special egg rolls...

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Spice 9: "Soup Curry Okushiba Shoten"

Episode Synopsis. Miura Yuji (cram school teacher) wakes up in a hospital with bandages around his neck and head. He finds Minori, his fiancee, at his side, who explains to him that an ambulance brought him to the hospital from the batting center. The last thing he can remember was he was shouting and releasing pent-up emotions when he struck a home-run. Then, he lost consciousness after a ball shot out of a pitching machine, and hit him on the head. "What were you shouting?" Minori asks...

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Spice 8: "Nishitendori and Garaku"

Episode Synopsis. Urata Hiroshi (actor / house husband) is visited by his daughter Chieko's homeroom teacher. The teacher informs him that Chieko has gone back to attending school regularly. Meanwhile, Chieko asks her hard-working mom if she ever regretted getting married to an actor who stays at home all day...

In the meantime...

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Here is the theme song from the drama "Soup Curry." Translations by danburi!

"Nichiyobi" is performed by the trio from Gunma Prefecture, back number. The group was formed in 2004. It is composed of Shimizu Iyori (vocals and guitar), Kojima Kazuya (bass) and Kurihara Hisashi (drums).
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