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Ichikawa Shinichi


I was surprised to learn that Japanese screenwriter Ichikawa Shinichi had just passed away due to cancer at age 70. He was also a novelist, commentator, and playwright. I had just translated his last work, "Chouchou-san" so his writing and words are still fresh in my head. As I was going over the subs and translating them into English (with the help of danburi), I couldn't help admire the intelligent and meticulous way he incorporated historical facts into his script. And I especially liked the poem he wrote for Chouchou-san's last words. He will surely be missed. Japan has indeed lost a great and prolific writer. Kokorokara okuyamimoshiagemasu.
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Chouchou-san ~Saigo no Bushi no Musume~ (NHK, Fall 2011) is a two part special shown on Nov. 19 and 26. It is the retelling of the tale of Chou (Butterfly), the central character of John Luther Long's short story "Madame Butterfly" as well as Giacomo Puccini's famous opera. This story reveals more of Chou's life, being the only daughter of a samurai who died during the Saga Rebellion. Losing her mother and grandmother later on as well, she was taken in by the mistress of "Suigetsu-ro," a brothel in a town in Nagasaki, so she can be educated and groomed as her successor. However, what Chou (Miyazaki Aoi) really desires is to go and live in the United States. But due to an unfortunate turn of events, she loses her status as a privileged young lady and ends up as a maiko (apprentice geisha). This enabled her to meet Franklin, a young American naval officer (Ethan Landry) whose ship is undergoing repairs in Nagasaki. Chou hopes to finally be able to achieve her dream after he proposes to her. She did not know, however, that Franklin had earlier received an advice from his friend: "Marry a Japanese woman only to keep you company for the duration of your stay... Abandon her when it's time to leave..."
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Translation and fine timing: earthcolors
Spot translator: danburi
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Subbing Status:

Part 1: "The Price of Pride"
Translation: 50% 71% 100%
Spot translation: 28% 100%
Final editing: 30% 99% 100%
Released: 29/11/11
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Part 2:
"Far-away America"
Translation: 13% 33% 57% 100%
Spot translation: 100%
Final editing: 50% 100%
Released: 06/12/11
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Here are some drama notes to give you a better cultural insight for Part 2 of Chouchou-san SP from me and danburi...

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Here are some notes from Chouchou-san SP...
There are a lot actually but due to lack of time I'll just mention only a few important ones as briefly as possible...
(Thanks to danburi for pointing some notes from it as well!)

"Madame Chrysanthème" by Pierre Loti (1887). It is the precursor of 'Madame Butterfly' short story written by John Luther Long (1898) and later on as the opera of Puccini. Loti did marry a Japanese woman. She was referred to as 'O-Kiku-san' but her real name was "O-Kane-san." (above pic: source)
For more info on the real Chouchou-san, I recommend:
"Madame Butterfly: Japonisme..." by Jan van Rij.

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