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Jul 2011

Asuko March translation is now complete! *raises a mugful of cold beer*
Another subbing project is over! Yay~!

For fans of the show, I'm giving some little known facts/information from the show based on data I gathered across the web...
Left pic is the mascot 'Sento-kun' which was mentioned by Tamaki in ep5; and at right is a sample of a suteteko, the favorite undergarment of oji-san.

'Asuko' is really Kawaguchi Technical High School 

Filming locations:
  • The setting of Asuka Prefecture is actually fictional, so the drama was filmed in various places but mostly in Kanagawa Prefecture.
  • The actual school where Nao and the guys attended is called the Kawaguchi Technical High School in Saitama Prefecture.
  • 'Club Icaros' host club where Aruto was fired as a host is actually a real club with the name of 'Club Air' (close enough), located in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo's red-light district.
  • The shopping center where Nao passes on the way home was filmed in the coastal industrial city of Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture.
  • A lot of the coastal scenes and bridge shots were also filmed in Yokosuka, as well as in Kawasaki (also in Kanagawa).

Emi and Tori goofing off at the set.

Aruto's character:
  • In the original manga, Aruto wasn't really a host - he works as a part-timer in a donut shop.
  • In the drama, his host name is 'Sho' which was mentioned by a customer who was chasing after him in the 1st ep.
  • In the manga, Aruto developed the habit of making origami (not just paper cranes) when he was a kid actor as a way to pass the time while waiting in line for auditions.
  • In ep5, more of Aruto's childhood was supposed to be shown as flashback scenes including his days as an actor in 'Papa is a 5th Grader.' However, for some reason (more likely due to time constraints) those scenes were edited out. :(

Kento hamming it up from ep.8

Other differences from the manga:
  • Too bad that in the drama, the different HS clubs weren't featured, most importantly the Robotics Club, wherein Nao and most of the guys were members, according to the manga.
  • In the manga, Takeuchi's brother aspired to be a doctor just like their dad but got injured and instead was studying in Canada.
  • For the manga characters: Nao, Aruto and Hirose went on to major in Electronics Technology; Tamaki in Mechanical Arts; and Takeuchi, of course, majored in Automobile Arts.

Nagayama Kento is not really as serious as he looks...

It's not so clear in the drama that...:
  • Tamaki's part-time job is tending a karaoke joint (you know where you get inside rooms and order food/drinks and sing with your buddies).
  • Not many viewers realize that stalker girl, Kyoko actually works in the entertainment district just like Aruto. She's a hostess, too. It is a major fact that hostesses are the frequent customers of hosts in Japan. Maybe her club is next to Aruto's work place that's why she gets to spy on him easily.
  • Notes on final ep: In real life, auditions for the TV adaptation of the manga, 'Ore no sora: Keiji-hen' (set to air in the fall) were actually held last May. The finalists, 10 unknown hopefuls, were announced; one of them will be chosen to play the lead by an online poll. Sorry, Aruto is not among them. :) Nao was also featured in the last ep, getting inside the actual building of the drama's TV network, TV Asahi. The producer is played by guest actor, Nagau Masaru.

Emi and Ayame are good friends IRL

Kanai Yuta celebrated his 26th bday during filming.

During the beach episode, the water was said to be freezing cold.

You can find other info and behind-the-scenes-pix from the drama's blog HERE.
Info sources:
Japan wiki, Filming locations, Official site

Emi's outfit (above) along with her autograph on it was given away to a winning viewer of the show through a raffle contest

Goodbye to ASUKO MARCH~! We'll miss yah!

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Based on the manga by Akiyama Kaori, Asuko March! is a story of a girl who happened to enroll in an industrial/vocational high school. Being the only girl in her class of 27 male students, life took a drastic turn for Yoshino Nao who originally wanted to enroll in an exclusive high school for girls.  She endures the taunts and stares of her male peers, and looks on with extreme discomfort at the strange sights and smell of industrial work. Will she choose to leave or stay until the end?
© original text by: earthcolors

Asuko March!

Subbing Project (side project)

Translations by: earthcolors
Retiming by: furransu

If you're going to use my translations for anything,
kindly let me know.

Subbing Status:

Ep. 1: Released (
Ep. 2: Released (subs)
Ep. 3: Released (subs)
Ep. 4: Released (subs)
Ep. 5: Released (subs)
Ep. 6: Released (subs)
Ep. 7: Released (subs)
Ep. 8: Released (subs)
Final Ep: Complete (subs) 7/6/11

Or visit the link at
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I previously featured 3 song lyrics from the drama.

Here is a more complete list of the songs from the wonderful trio FUNKY MONKEY BABYS, along with scenes wherein they were notably played, links to lyrics and MVs...

  • Soredemo Shinjiteru (I Still Believe) - main theme song
  • Chipokena Yuuki (Lil Bit of Courage) - Nao's 'ganbatte' song
  • Namida (Tears) - Nao sees Aruto making silver pendant (ep2)
  • Rabureta (Love Letter) - Nao feeling nostalgic (ep6)
  • Mou Kimi ga Inai - When Nao got dumped (ep7)
  • Kokuhaku (Confession) - Tamaki trying to confess (ep4)
  • Yume (Dream) - Nao and the guys working on gears (ep7)
  • Lovin' Life - Nao and Aruto's date song (ep5)
  • Natsumi - the beach dream scene (ep7)
  • Melody Line - the basketball scene (ep8)
  • Kibou no Uta (Song of Hope) - Nao carrying stuff for 'Asuko March' (Last ep)

BTW, I would like to credit: makikawaii-jklyrics (Namida) and sistercacao (Chippokena Yuuki) for the use of their translation of lyrics for ep9. Thanks!

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30 Jun 2011

Released yesterday subs for ep8.
For today, I'd like to talk about some of the lines spoken in this episode. BTW, I'm a kind of fansubber who tries to translate a bit literally only if I can't find the best words equivalent to the Western meaning. I do retain some Japanese words from time to time - it wouldn't hurt if the viewer could learn a thing or two about certain Japanese terms. I am still wary of using liberal translation (for more info on this, click
here), and kinda feel guilty if I have to change some lines... but yet I don't really wanna explain or get into every tedious detail of why I chose to change them. However, from now on, I'll try to do a segment from time to time, called "ACTUALLY, What They Really Said Was..."

I translated the statement of the Mom about the feather necklace as being 'a gift meant to be worn next to a girl's heart.' ACTUALLY what she really said was... such gifts are given as 'a technique to be worn (or attached) on the body.' I didn't really understand what she meant by that and what I came up with was my own interpretation of what she probably meant.
Momo-chan compared Nao to 'a stinky pile of cilantro.' ACTUALLY what she really said was... um, actually that was what she really said, except I changed the word that she used which was 'disgusting' to 'stinky,' maybe out of respect to cilantro-lovers out there. X-D
I don't eat cilantro but I don't hate it either, I could deal with it. At first, since I couldn't relate to her 'disgusting cilantro' statement, I tried changing it to a more obviously disgusting food item, but after awhile, I gave up and settled for the aforementioned herb. I searched the net for topics about people hating cilantro, and learned that a lot of Japanese don't like it since they think it smells like stinkbugs.

Oh no... technical terms and stuff. I honestly don't know much about Japanese tech high school and the courses they offer. So yeah, I admit, this part about the electricity test was a bit taxing to translate. In the subs I mentioned that Tamaki plans to take up electricity studies and so he was studying up on it. ACTUALLY, what he really said was... he wants to study 'electrical wiring' and that the scope of the test was actually very specific: just 'electric wiring.' I searched the web for a better term than 'electrical wiring studies.' None. So... what the hey, I'll just call it electricity test.
And if you're confused about the studies and why they have to take the exams, sorry, can't help you there. All I know is: (1) Nao and the guys have to major in a field by second year; (2) Tamaki wants to take up electricity wiring course by 2nd year; (3) A requirement for the course is to first pass a written and practical exam. I just don't know where Tamaki will take it up - in Asuko or in another school? (4) Tamaki said he has to start studying now so that he'll be ready for it by the second year.

For next week's preview, Aruto was crying and as usual was saying something about skies and stuff. In the sub, I wrote, "The sky had finally appeared... but I instantly struggled to fly." (Edit: In the last ep, I changed it to: "..But my wings still struggled to fly). ACTUALLY what he really said at the last part was: "...but my wings (feathers) instantly struggled (wriggled)." What on earth could he possibly mean? I dunno if Aruto will ever explain to us his metaphors about skies and wings... frankly I'm not betting on it though.
BTW, if you want to decipher what he meant, here are the Japanese words he used: (1) 'hane' also means wing and feather; (2) 'mogaku' means 'wriggled' or 'struggled,' and (3) 'sora' means 'sky' but could also mean 'emptiness.'

In my subs, Murai told Nao that Tamaki looked 'all dolled up like a pretty girl' when he dressed up in drag. ACTUALLY what he really said was... Tamaki looked like 'a girl of quality.' I couldn't find a proper explanation of what 'a girl of quality' means for the Japanese. So I just settled for a 'pretty girl.' But obviously what Murai means was that Tamaki was more than just 'a pretty girl'.. she - I mean, he was more like a '10' or something. But anyway, you get the picture.
BTW, the funny pic above is from Kaku Kento's (Tamaki) blog. Check it out

Our nice Oji-chan soothes Nao's worries... ACTUALLY what he really said was... "Now now, calm down now, Nao." Mwahaha! Sorry! I'm just messin' with you! Actually that was what I wrote at first, not really realizing it, so when I read it again, I just burst out laughing...  X-P Too bad I couldn't use it though.

Next Sunday will be the last ep of Asuko. After that, I'll have more time to finish Freeter and prepare for my next subbing project 'Don Quixote.'

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This song 'Natsumi' by FUNKY MONKEY BABYS is included in the Asuko March drama. Since it's about the joys of summer, this upbeat song was notably featured in the drama's summer episode which was Ep. 7. It's one of my fave songs from the series, too.
English translation is coming soon~!

Read more... )

Other songs from Asuko March!:
  Rabu Reta (Love letter) - LyricsPV
  Soredemo Shinjiteru - LyricsPV!
  Chipokena Yuuki (A little Bit of Courage) -; PV

For the complete list of the songs click here.


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