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Kodoku no Gurume ~Season 3~ (Tokyo TV, Summer Edition 2013) is the third installment of the live adaptation of Qusumi Masayuki and Taniguchi Jiro's manga about a tall merchant named Inogashira Goro (Matsushige Yutaka). Goro goes all over Tokyo and surrounding cities during his business travels, while indulging in local cuisines and sweets along the way. At the end of each episode, Qusumi will also visit the featured shop, in his usual segment, "Furatto Qusumi."
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~Kodoku no Gurume (Season 3)~
Subs by EarthBuri Team

Translations and Timing: danburi

Editing, Styling, and QC: earthcolors

Special thanks:
furransu, semi-fly, ruell, micehell, salparadise, \( -o _ o- )/

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Subbing Updates:
Ep. 1: "Guinea Fowl and Eel Bowl of Akabane, Kita Ward" - (subs) (notes)
Ep. 2: "Pork Stomach Ginger Stir-Fry and Patan of Hinode-cho, Yokohama City" -  (subs) (notes)
Ep. 3: "Wasabi Bowl with Fresh Wasabi of Kawazu-cho Kamo-District, Shizuoka Prefecture" - (subs) (notes)
Ep. 4: "Fish Market Kyoto-style Grilled Black Cod of Edogawa-bashi, Bunkyo Ward" (subs) (notes)
Ep. 5: "Lamb Karahi and Laghman of Higashi Nakano, Nakano Ward" (subs) (notes)
Ep. 6: "Yakiniku Pork Innards of Itabashi, Itabashi Ward" (subs) (notes)
Ep. 7: "Mushroom garlic and Oyster au gratin of Komaba-Todaimae, Meguro Ward"  (subs(notes)
Ep. 8: "Minced chicken and Avocado cutlet and Chicken rice pot of Uguisu-dani, Taito Ward" (subs(notes)
Ep. 9: "Roast pork sandwich and Salsiccia of Kotake Mukaihara, Nerima Ward"  (subs(notes)
Ep. 10: "Flaming Sake pot and Barley Rice with grated yam of Nishiogu, Arakawa Ward" (subs) (notes)
Ep. 11: "Stewed beef and Five ingredient rice in a pot at a Drive-in in To-kamachi City, Niigata Prefecture" (subs) (notes)
Final Ep. 12: "Sardine yukhoe and Nigiri-zushi at Ooimachi, Shinagawa Ward" (subs) (notes)

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Final Ep. 12: "Sardine yukhoe and Nigiri-zushi at Ooimachi, Shinagawa Ward"

Episode Synopsis. For the final episode, Goro travels to Shinagawa Ward to meet with an owner of a cat cafe. Goro finds the owner quite gentle on cats but drives a hard bargain. Afterwards, he stops by a standing bar, hoping for some rice dishes but ends up ordering Chinese-style nibbles. Still yearning for rice, he decides to try out an eatery/pub, "Daruma-ya," specializing in sardine-based nibbles and dishes. Along with his usual oolong tea and his favorite rice, Goro sits down for a glorious fiesta of sardines - raw, boiled, grilled, and deep-fried...
(info and pic: tvtokyo)

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Ep. 11: "Stewed Beef and Five Ingredient Rice-in-a-Pot at a Drive-in in To-kamachi City, Niigata Prefecture;

Episode Synopsis. Goro travels to Niigata Prefecture in his BMW. The rice fields and pastoral scenery make him look forward to eating a rice-based feast after his meeting. He also stops by a shopping street in the station area and tries out some delicacies with names taken from local expressions and phrases. Later, he visits an unusual old house turned into a work of art. There he meets with the town's fun activity planner, a small hairy man with an unlikely name. Later, Goro views the terraced rice fields, reminding him of his other purpose. He drives around until he spots a roadside diner called "Toge no chaya Kura" which serves kamameshi (rice in a pot) dishes and stews.
(info and pic: tvtokyo)

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Ep. 10: "Flaming Sake pot and Barley Rice with grated yam of Nishiogu, Arakawa Ward"

Episode Synopsis. Goro sets out for an amusement park in Nishiogu. He meets with a client, the director of a train museum. Goro finds his enthusiasm for trains and intolerance of children who play with his train models quite amusing. Later he spots a takoyaki shop and buys a takoyaki-senbei sandwich. Later he uses the town's streetcar and helps out an old lady carry her defective rolling luggage to a neighborhood he has not seen before. There, he decides to eat at a tonkatsu shop. Despite the hot weather, he orders a flaming sake hot pot, barley rice, and of course a mini-tonkatsu set.
(info and pic: tvtokyo)

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Ep. 9: "Roast pork sandwich and Salsiccia of Kotake Mukaihara, Nerima Ward"

Episode Synopsis. Goro arrives early in Mukaihara for a business appointment, so he stops by a cafe called "Surprise" to partake of a roll cake with a curious name. Arriving at his meeting with his client and friend, an owner of a charming gallery store of European pieces, he notices that she is in a vexed mood. She tells him her orders will not arrive in time for her opening tomorrow. So Goro decides to stay to help her, and eventually pulls out an all-nighter. With his task accomplished, Goro sets out the next morning, pleased and of course, very hungry. He chances upon a chic bread store that calls itself "Machida no Parlor." Goro orders himself a hearty breakfast of pork sandwich, quiche, Italian sausages, and different kinds of rustic bread...
(info and pic: tvtokyo)

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