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Freeter, Ie wo Kau Special aired on 04 Oct. 2011 at Fuji TV. The story takes place after a year the Take family bought a new house. Seiji (Ninomiya Kazunari) had spent a year working as a member of the full-time staff at Oetsu Construction while managing to continue with his long distance relationship with girlfriend, Manami (Karina). He does get to spend a week with her when she comes back from Wakayama, and gets to contemplate about their relationship as well as their own ideas of marriage. Meanwhile, Manami struggles to deal with personal issues concerning her mother. Also, Seiji and sister Ayako get a surprise visit from an uncle they've never met before which then ignites their curiosity regarding their parents' past history.
© original text by: earthcolors

Translation and fine timing: earthcolors
Spot translator: yuizaki libra
Raw provider and retiming: furransu

No reuploading and/or reposting of subs.
Please redirect here or at the d-addicts page.
If you wish to use my subs for anything, kindly let me know.

Subbing Status:

- 12% translated. Trying to get used to Seiji's unusual speech patterns once again.
- 23% translated... Fav. quote atm... Chiba: "I'm here with my boyfriend... Take Seiji-san." ^^
- 58% translated... Just noticed that Seiji hasn't changed his ring tone for over a year now. :)
- 75% translated... love it every time they play that mandolin(?) tune.
- 83% translated... lines are really difficult to translate, bringing back the nightmares I had when I first tried subbing the whole series... anyway, around 15 more minutes worth of lines left to go.
- 99% translated... editing pending
- Sent to yuizaki_libra for spot translation...
- Yuizaki_libra must be busy atm so I'm releasing the subs for now for those who can't wait. Will rerelease if she has checked it. Still, hope you like my subs! Thanks for waiting~!
- The subs have now been updated with corrections by yuizaki_libra! YAY~!

Completed and Released (16 Oct. 2011) - (.srt)

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Here are filming notes from Freeter, Ie wo Kau...

notes under the cut )


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"Freeter ie no kau" was a 2010 Fuji TV drama based on a novel by Arikawa Hiro. It stars Ninomiya Kazunari playing a young man named Take Seiji who has been going around aimlessly, flitting from one contractual job to another. He constantly gets into arguments with his over-bearing father, and avoids having any social life.  Then one day, his mother had been diagnosed with depression. Life for Seiji begins to change as he searches for a way to help his mother, as well as his own self...
© original text by: earthcolors

Subbing Project
Subtitles by:
Special thanks for the raws and retiming:
sarujin, hydetech and qop123

No uploading and reposting of softsubs

Subbing Status:

Episodes 1-3
- 10% 20% 30% 70% 85% 100%
-  Translation - done
-  Editing -
pending done
-  Released 06/16/11
Episodes 4-6:
- 0% 17% 33% 50% 66% 83% 100%
- Translation - done
- Editing - pending done

Episodes 7-10:
- 50% 68% 77% 88% 100%
- Translation - done
- Editing - pending done

Completed and Released [softsubs: zip files] (07/31/11)

Or visit the link at: d-addicts

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17 June 2011
Just released the Freeter subs in time for Nino's bday...

He might not be my most fave Arashi guy, but I do have great respect for him as an actor, for being a good buddy of Ohno-kun, plus, he's a fellow Gemini. I adore Seiji a lot, too... I wouldn't imagine anyone pulling off such a role other than this indefatigable, frank, awesome guy.

Nino as the bull-headed freeter at the konbini...

Nino as the clueless part-timer/construction worker...

...and Nino as the smiling, crazy bday boy!

Happy 28th birthday~...!


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