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Happy 5th birthday, Amachan!

As my way to commemorate it, I'm releasing new and improved fansubs, originally created in 2013. Now with aegisubs version! The srt were also revised but as always, I recommend the .ass version since it's more complete and has better timing. It features...

Better opening credits!

All onscreen texts translated!

Complete with lyrics and song titles!

"Mada-Mada" ending captions translated, too!

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Amachan is the 88th 2013 NHK asadora written by Kankuro Kudo (Tiger and Dragon, Unobore Deka). It's about Amano Aki (Nounen Rena), a 16 year old girl from Tokyo who goes to her mother's former home in Sodegahama, a fishing village in Kitasanriku, Iwate prefecture for the summer break. She falls in love with the sea and its people, and decides to stay on to become an Ama (women divers who fetch clams and sea urchins for tourists) just like her grandmother, Natsu (Miyamoto Nobuko). Her decision is welcomed wholeheartedly by Natsu and the other locals. However, her mother Haruko (Koizumi Kyoko) does not like the idea at first. She has a strained relationship with Natsu, and her extreme dislike of the sea, diving and the countryside is one of the reasons why she left her hometown 24 years ago. Eventually, she decides to stay in Sodegahama with Aki, considering that she is contemplating on getting a divorce anyway and does not want to go back to her husband in Tokyo. She also notices that it might be good for Aki for she seems livelier and happier in Kitasanriku than in Tokyo. The road towards becoming a full-fledged Ama-san is tough for Aki as she encounters tests and hurdles. One day, a video of her as an Ama gets uploaded in the city's tourism website, transforming an ordinary high school girl into an overnight Internet sensation. Suddenly she is called upon to use this opportunity to attract tourists to a city suffering from depopulation...
© original text by: earthcolors (info and all pix used are from nhk/amachan)

Subbing Project
and Episode Guides

Subtitles by Wabi-Sabi Subs
Translation / Editing / Timing: earthcolors
Additional Translation / JP Consultant: danburi

Special thanks for the raws: xaxa

I am writing these episode guides to help out non-Japanese speaking viewers who are interested in finding out what's going on in the drama.
I cannot make the commitment to sub it (see reason
HERE) so please do not ask for subtitles.
Warning: Unlike the episode previews or sneak peeks which I usually write in my drama notes, this time, I am giving away the whole story (but not really too detailed, just plain summaries at the start but gets more detailed by Week 7), hence, there will be spoilers (Anyway, just by looking at the episode titles below, they're already little spoilers by themselves).
And pls. don't mind if I interject little comments about certain scenes (it's something I don't get to do when I sub).
Thanks to danburi-san for stuff I don't get :D! Disclaimer: Some quotes from the drama are altered to properly convey a particular scene.
UPDATE 1: Decided to sub it after all... Weekly Episode Guides will be put on hold for the meantime since my priority will be given to subbing this drama. I will update the Weekly Episode Titles though, just in case you're wondering what's going on in the story so far...
 UPDATE 2: Subs are done after three and half months! Will resort to finishing episode summaries soon. But for the meantime, I will be taking a long break. :)
 UPDATE 3: Added subs for Amachan Special Performance at the 64th Kouhaku Utagassen! Translation by danburi. :D I have also added more Trivia Notes and resumed with Summary Episodes!

 NEW ANNOUNCEMENT! In line with Amachan's 5th Birthday (April 1, 2018), I am releasing revised and improved subs, plus brand new aegisubs version!

New and Improved Softsubs (timed to raws encoded from NGB files only)

Aegisubs (Recommended):
Weeks 1-9: (here)
Weeks 10-18: (here)
Weeks 19-26 plus Kouhaku Utagassen Special Performance: (here)

Weeks 1-10: (here)
Weeks 11-20: (here)
Weeks 21-26 plus Kouhaku Utagassen Special Performance: (here)

Raw links:
(Weeks 1-26) (Kouhaku Cut Performance)

Episode Guides:

Part 1: "Hometown Arc"
Week 1: Eps. 1-6. "I like this sea!" (Summaries)
Week 2: Eps. 7-12. "I don't want to go back to Tokyo" (
Week 3: Eps. 13-18. "I was able to make friends!" (
Week 4: Eps. 19-24. "I caught a sea urchin" (
Week 5: Eps. 25-30. "I like Senpai!" (
Week 6: Eps. 31-36. "My Grandpa is on a rampage!" (
Week 7: Eps. 37-42. "My mom has a history" (
Week 8: Eps. 42-48. "My heart can't stop pounding, neh~" (Summaries
Part 1 & Part 2)
Week 9: Eps. 49-54. "My big heartbreak" (
Week 10: Eps. 55-60. "I'm being scouted?!" (
Week 11: Eps. 61-66. "I want to be an idol!" (Summaries
Part 1 & Part 2)
Week 12: Eps. 67-72. "I'm going to Tokyo!" (Summaries
Part 1 & Part 2)

Part 2: "Tokyo Arc"
Week 13: Eps. 73-78. "I've fallen into naraku*!" (*hell or theater basement) (Summaries Part 1 & Part 2)
Week 14: Eps. 79-84. "I'm going to be an assistant to a great actress" (Summaries
Part 1 & Part 2)
Week 15: Eps. 85-90. "My battle without honor and humanity" (Summaries
Part 1 & Part 2)
Week 16: Eps. 91-96. "My mom has a history 2"  (
Week 17: Eps. 97-102. "I can't stop the sadness/loneliness" (
Week 18: Eps. 103-108. "I'm going back to my hometown?!" (
Week 19: Eps. 109-114. "My heart is re-ignited" (
Week 20: Eps. 115-120. "My Bappa's rare journey of love" (
Week 21: Eps. 121-126. "Our big turn-around" (
Week 22: Eps. 127-132. "My and my mom's shiosai no memories" (
Week 23: Eps. 133-138. "I want to see everyone!" (Summaries)

Week 24: Eps. 139-144. "I love this sea after all!" (Summaries)

Week 25: Eps. 145-150. "We dream always" (Summaries - Soon!)

Final Week 26: Eps. 151-156. "We're hot neh~!" (Summaries - Soon!)

Character Guide: (Link)

Song Translations:

Trivia Notes:
Batch 1 (Part1) (Part2) (Part3)
Batch 2 (Part1) (Part2) (Part3)

Amachan Recipes: (mamebu) (tamagoyaki)


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We've subbed the Amachan Special Performance (softsubs to cut parts only) at the 64th Kouhaku Utagassen.
And 2nd Batch of Trivia Notes have been added as well (link).

Amachan Special Performance (cut parts only)
64th NHK Kouhaku Utagassen

Translation: danburi-san
Editing, Timing, & Styling: earthcolors

Special thanks for the raws:
\( -o _ o- )/

These are softsubs timed to raws. Just change the file name to match the video names.

Softsubs: (link)

Amachan Episode Index and Subs: (link)
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Here's a character guide meant for viewers of Amachan.
This list will continue to be updated as I add more episode guides.
(Warning: spoilers ahead):


The Amano Family:
(above pix from left to right)

Amano Aki (Nounen Rena). 16 year old high school girl from Tokyo who decided to stay in her mother's hometown of Kitasanriku and become an Ama. Seen as shy, plain and gloomy while in Tokyo, she is happier and livelier when she transferred to Kitasanriku. A video of her as an Ama gets uploaded on the internet and she becomes an overnight sensation. Later on, she took up Underwater Civil Engineering in high school. She has also decided to return to Tokyo to become an idol after one year. She joins upcoming idol group GMT46 and also works as an assistant to a famous actress.

Amano Natsu (Miyamoto Nobuko). Aki's grandmother, 64 yo. She's the oldest among the Ama and serves as president of the Ama Club. Manages a shop located at the main train station: Cafe Rias which at night becomes Snack Bar Rias. She was born and raised in the fishing village of Sodegahama, and has never left Kitasanriku.

Amano Haruko adult (Koizumi Kyoko). Natsu's daughter and Aki's mother, 42 yo. She left 24 years ago for Tokyo and never returned until now. She got married in Tokyo, had a daughter and became a stay-in mother. She hates the sea and refuses to become an Ama. She came back to her hometown with her daughter Aki. Decided to divorce her husband Masamune and stay on in Kitasanriku. Helps man Natsu's shop.
Amano Haruko young (Arimura Kasumi). She was the most popular girl in her hometown and yet a rebellious teenager, too. She left her hometown 24 years ago to pursue her dream of becoming an idol singer in Tokyo.

Amano Chubei (Kanie Keizo). Natsu's husband and Haruko's father. A deep-sea fisherman who goes to fish for most of the year, and hardly stays at home. At first, Haruko and Aki thought he was dead but suddenly appeared one day in town.

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Previous was Part 2 HERE.
Finally here is Part 3, last part, hopefully. :D

More pop cultural references and inside jokes! Here's more of "Amachan" paying homage to other shows...

1. Mugen Danshi (Infinite Boys). If you were wondering who the male Idols were on Kurihara-chan's uchiwas, they're the fictional boy band, Mugen Danshi from the NHK variety drama, "Shukujo". Mugen Danshi (official website) is composed of Poseidon (Motohiro Ota), Panther (Gong Teyu), and Dragon (Lee Te-Gang).

2. "Made by Takumi." If you noticed, the electrical appliances ("Plasma TV" in Ep. 92 and air humidifier in Ep. 135) were made by a company called "Takumi". Apparently, the company in the NHK 2-part drama, "Made in Japan" is called "Takumi Electric."

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