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Ichiro (NHK, Summer and Fall 2015) is based on the novel by Asada Jiro (Poppoya, Chugen no Niji). The year is 1861. Shogunal vassal, Maisaka House of Tanabu district of West Mino province is set to depart for Edo for their biennial Sankin-Kotai obligation. However, their chief attendant for the procession has allegedly caused an accidental fire in which an important mansion was burned to the ground. Such an act is considered a mortal sin. Since the chief attendant himself had perished in the fire, his nineteen year old son Onodera Ichiro (Nagayama Kento) must take the blame by performing ritual suicide. However, the Sankin Kotai is imminent so Ichiro is ordered to take over from his father as chief attendant, in exchange for his life. Ichiro who grew up in Edo learning only the Way of the Sword and the Way of Knowledge, knows nothing of processional conventions and procedures. He has 5 days to prepare before they depart, and he must see to it that the party arrive in Edo safe and on time. If they are late or never arrive there at all, it will be a huge insult to the Shogun, and the head of the Maisaka House will fall into ruin. Knowing the huge responsibility it entails, Ichiro attempts to learn the ways of the feudal procession but no one is willing to teach him, and he is at a loss. He is about to give up when a chief priest of a shrine bequeaths to him a 200 year old book that contains written accounts and procedures of the march. Seeing a ray of hope for the first time, Ichiro sets about looking for companions to help him with his mission. However, someone is determined to see him fail in order to usurp the head seat of the Maisaka House...
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From the novel by Asada Jiro

Subtitles by Wabi-Sabi Subs

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Ep 1:
"Sankin-Kotai Becomes War" -  | 
Ep 2: "Departure Now" | 
Ep 3: "The First Ordeal" -  
Ep 4: "The Love of a Princess" | 
Ep 5: "Tears of Wadatoge"

Ep 6: "The Two Heads of Houses"
Ep 7: "An Invisible Enemy"

Ep 8: "Hatred And Sorrow"
Ep 9 Final: "Fight For Tomorrow" | 

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Episode 9 Final: "Fight For Tomorrow"

Episode Synopsis. Nearing Edo, Ichiro (Nagayama Kento) and company arrive on the banks of Arakawa. Having reached this far despite the obstacles along the way, Kanjuro (Fujimoto Takahiro) and Sojuro (Kajihara Zen) convey their appreciation to their journey leader, Ichiro. Ichiro however says, not to rejoice yet until they finally reach their destination. He, Sakyonodainu (Watanabe Dai), Shingo (Nakajima Hiroki) and some of the men board a ferry boat to get across to the other side. However, what awaits them there is... Meanwhile in Mino, Shogen (Sano Shiro) orders the execution of Shichizaemon (Ishiguro Ken) by way of ritual suicide... And in Edo, Suzu (Mimura) and son are taken back to the mansion and held at the mercy of the traitorous vassal, Horie (Yajima Kenichi)...
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Episode 8: "Hatred and Sorrow"

Episode Synopsis: When Ichiro (Nagayama Kento) and party arrived at the post town of Fukaya, they hear of a rumor that a hairdresser who matches the description of Shogen's secret minion, Shinza (Oshinari Shugo) has shown up in town. In order to prevent Shinza from targeting the life of Sakyonodaibu (Watanabe Dai) once again, Kanjuro (Fujimoto Takahiro) split everyone up into groups to search for the assassin all over town. Meanwhile, in West Mino, Shogen (Sano Shiro) has ordered the incarceration of Kokubu Shichizaemon (Ishiguro Ken) and denies him food and water... In Edo, having previously survived an assassination attempt by Horie, Sakyonodaibu's son Ichitaro (Tamamura Uta) leaves the mansion with his mother Suzu (Mimura) to escape the evil plot of Shogen and his minions...

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Episode 7: "An Invisible Enemy"

Episode Synopsis. The procession stops at the post town of Matsuida. Sakyonodainu (Watanabe Dai) is sick with a cold, and is told by the accompanying doctor Tsuji (Sakata Satoshi) to rest for a few days. Knowing the importance of arriving on time in Edo, Sakyonodaibu instructs Ichiro (Nagayama Kento) that they still depart the next morning. Worried about his condition, and perturbed by the recent troubles, Ichiro keeps watch by his liege's side the whole night... Meanwhile back in West Mino, Shogen's men wait for Shichizaemon to come for his daughter whom they abducted. They are not aware that the woman they actually abducted is not Kaoru but...

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Episode 6: "The Two Heads of Houses"

Episode Synopsis. Ichiro (Nagayama Kento) and company managed to go over the perilous path of Wadatoge. However, the setbacks they encountered caused a big delay in their schedule, so they hurry on to regain lost time. They reach the post town of Iwamurada but while the party are resting, the funds for the journey are suddenly stolen. Without it, the procession cannot proceed forward. Ichiro knows the culprit is the unidentified man who had slipped among them with the aim of disrupting the procession. He goes to a local merchant to borrow money... Sensing Ichiro's plight, Sakyonodaibu (Watanabe Dai) pays a visit to the local feudal lord, Naito Shimanokami (Hamada Tatsuomi), in order to see if he too, can help resolve the situation. But Shimanokami is still 17 years old, and has a stubborn personality... Meanwhile back home, Shogen's men are attempting to abduct Kaoru (Matsuura Miyabi) in order to force her father Shichizaemon (Ishiguro Ken) to surrender the merchant who is testifying against Shogen (Sano Shiro)...

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