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Kodoku no Gurume ~Season 2~ (Tokyo TV, Fall Edition 2012) brings back Matsushige Yutaka as Inogashira Goro, the food-loving, teetotaler, solitary merchant. Once again, he travels in and around Tokyo, visiting clients while checking out local cuisine and eateries along the way. This season, Inogashira indulges his sweet tooth by trying out more desserts and confectionery shops. At the end of each episode, the manga's author, Qusumi Masayuki will also visit the featured shop, and this time, will interview a surprise guest in his usual segment, "Furatto Qusumi."
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~Kodoku no Gurume (Season 2)~
Subs by EarthBuri Team

Translations and Timing: danburi

Editing, Styling, and QC: earthcolors

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Ep. 1: "Leek and Meat Stir Fry of Shin-Maruko, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture" 
Ep. 2: "Black Tempura on Rice of Nihonbashi, Ningyocho, Chuo Ward" -  
Ep. 3. "Wasabi Kalbi & Egg on Rice of Numabukuro, Nakano Ward" -  | 
Ep. 4. "Brazilian cuisine of Oizumi-machi, Oora District, Gunma Prefecture"  | 
Ep. 5. "Pork and Onion-Garlic Stir-Fry of Hakuraku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture"  
Ep. 6: "Spicy Szechuan Cuisine of Keisei-Koiwa, Edogawa Ward"  
Ep. 7: "Pacific Saury and Sake-Steamed Clams of Iioka, Asahi City, Chiba Prefecture"  | 
Ep. 8: "Chanko for One of Ryogoku, Sumida Ward, Tokyo"  
Ep. 9: "Eating At the Office After Visiting Sunamachi-Ginza Shopping District, Koto Ward"  
Ep. 10"Smoke Cured Mackerel and Sweet Egg Omelet of Jūjō, Kita Ward"  
Ep. 11: "Thai Curry and Soupless Chicken Noodles of Kita Senju, Adachi Ward"   |  
Last Ep: "Mom's Croquette and Buri-daikon of Mitaka City, Tokyo"   

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Ep. 12: "Mom's Croquette and Buri-daikon of Mitaka City, Tokyo"

Episode Synopsis. It is almost the end of the year and Inogashira is in Mitaka City to visit a client in the area, an owner of a bar. He stops by a tea and sweets area called "Kanmidokoro Takane" for some relaxing tea and taiyaki. Later on, after his meeting, he plans to eat soba at Jindai-ji (Temple) in the nearby city. However, his urgent feelings of hunger tell him he won't be able to make it. So he scours the immediate vicinity for a diner that could appease his appetite. He finds it in a shop called "Itsuki," an eatery that offers home-cooked set meals...
(info and pic: tvtokyo)

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Ep. 11: "
Thai Curry and Soupless Chicken Noodles
of Kita Senju, Adachi Ward

Episode Synopsis. Inogashira heads for a certain destination in Adachi Ward. However, hunger strikes as soon as he arrives in Senju, so he goes in search of a place to eat. He stops in front of a Thai restaurant called "Laikanok." He is reminded of a recent conversation he had with a lady friend of his regarding a potential business deal involving Thai products. "This could be field research," he surmises. "It's like killing two birds with one stone." He decides to have Thai cuisine for lunch. He steps inside but feels hesitant. The restaurant is full of female customers only. No, wait... there is one male customer - another lone wolf like himself...
(info and pic: tvtokyo)

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Ep. 10: "Smoke-Cured Mackerel and Sweet Egg Omelet of Jūjō, Kita Ward"

Episode Synopsis. On a cold day, Inogashira is in Jūjō, looking for a certain shop that sells lanterns. Despite the weather, he orders an icy concoction from a sweets shop called "Darumaya." Then, later on, a sudden hunger strikes Inogashira, abruptly cutting off his meeting with a lantern store owner and goes off in search of a place to eat. As he scours the shops along Jūjō's shopping districts, he finally stops in front of a tavern... The eye-catching red lantern hanging in front of it says "Taya..."
(info and pic: tvtokyo)

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Ep. 8: "
Eating At the Office After Visiting Sunamachi-Ginza Shopping District
, Koto Ward"

Episode Synopsis. On a particularly busy day, Inogashira is in Sunamachi, Koto Ward, meeting up with one client after another. Despite his heavy schedule, he still finds time to help out a lovely client with a sprained ankle in setting up things in her coffee shop. He also takes a break inside a Samurai-themed cafe called "Coffee Dojyo Samurai," where he encounters a fascinatingly somewhat bumbling kind of customer. After his meetings were done, he still has more work to do and decides to buy some take-out food to eat at his office. He goes back to a shopping district which he spotted earlier in the day, the Sunamachi-Ginza Shopping District. There, he drifts from one store to the next, basking in the sights and aroma of their hot and ready-to-eat street food delights...
(info and pic: tvtokyo)

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