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Deka Wanko SP (NTV, 07 Jan.) is a one hour and a half special. In it, Goth-loli detective Hanamori Ichiko (Tabe Mikako) goes to Paris where she meets three of her co-members from Section 13. Hoping to have a 'love encounter,' Ichiko instead chances upon a woman named Leticia who happens to have a Japanese boyfriend named Shige. They do some sight-seeing together and eventually go their separate ways. However, for some reason, she feels concerned about her new friend and goes in search of her. As she wanders through the streets and tunnels of Paris, she suddenly finds herself in a strange place... which turns out to be her country during the days of the Edo Period... From modern Paris to feudal Japan, how did Ichiko end up in such a bizarre situation?
© original text by: earthcolors 


~ Deka Wanko 2012 SP ~

Translation and fine timing: earthcolors
French to English translation: dark_kamui

Special Thanks to:
Halcali_fan, \( -o _ o- )/, theuncontactable

These softsubs are NOT for sale, re-posting or re-uploading.
Kindly redirect here or at d-addicts.
If you wish to use my translation for anything, please let me know.

Subbing Status:
0% Still watching it...Hilariously crazy as always... Translation pending.
5% translated... just started.
15% translated... :) Gotta go and work on Shinya ep7 first.
30% translated... had to do some research on Edo period...
50% translated... half more to go!
65% translated... down with an hour's worth of subs.
100% translated... Initial editing in progress... then off to dark_kamui for FR to EN translation. :)
Final Editing 20% 99% 100% done!

Completed and Released: Softsubs (.srt)

Drama Notes:
D-addicts: (link)

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Here are some drama notes from Deka Wanko 2012 SP and pop cultural references that explain some of the inside jokes and scenes. If I missed out on something, well... sorry, this is all I could gather (spoilers ahead):

"Mito Komon."
Much beloved TV show that started in 1969. It just ended late last year so the network that had been showing it, TBS (which is the network of Deka Wanko as well) sorta paid tribute to it via this special. The main character Mito Komon is Mitsukuni, the nephew of Tokugawa Ieyasu. He disguises himself as a rich retired crepe merchant, and roves the countryside, instilling order and peace whenever problems and struggles erupt among the social classes.

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"Deka Wanko" Extra Episode (Chotto Dake Returns) was shown on April 30, 2011 on NTV.
It is a recap of past episodes and chance to reveal a surprise treat for all fans of the show.

Deka Wanko
"Chotto Dake Returns"
(Extra Episode)

Translation by: earthcolors
Editing and Retiming by: Halcali_fan
Raw Provider: ggenglish
French-English Translation by: Dark _Kamui

No uploading in streaming sites.
No reposting of softsubs.

Subbing Status:
Released 5/26/11

For the download link: go to d-addicts

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"Deka Wanko" is a comedy drama shown on NTV for the Winter 2011 season.  It is based on the manga by 'Gokusen' creator Kozueko Morimoto.  It is about a lady detective who wears Goth-Loli style clothes and has an uncanny sense of smell.  

Subbing Team:

Translators: earthcolors and Halcali_fan
Editing and QC: earthcolors and Halcali_fan
Re-timing of raw subs: ggenglish

Subbing Status:
Episode 1-10: all complete and released

You can download the softsubs at:

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6 May 2011
Subbing this extra episode of Deka is taking longer than I expected.

Deka Wanko is back (just a bit) with the self-explanatory title of 'Extra Episode: Returns a Bit' (aka, SP Chotto Dake Returns).  It really is what it says it is: it's an extra episode, not really an SP because it runs for only 45 mins.  And yes, it returns for a bit just to announce that they'll be having an SP soon.

The guys are back! recap past episodes and to talk, and
...and talk ...and talk...

Some sporting new looks (new hair,  new beard,
etc)... Kiri's (Tegoshi) red hair gets some good ole
ribbing from his fellow detectives

It was hard for me to translate this one because it has no story or real plot to begin with.  They're just reviewing past episodes which is quite a bummer for most SPs *groans*. And they seem to be talking about nonsensical stuff just to pass the minutes away (a drag for any subber).  I mean, the script for the whole Deka drama isn't so great to begin with... but it's quirkiness and comic charm saved it a lot.  But anyway, my translation is taking too long because the characters are just sitting in the office and talking non-stop, 'pulling each other's feet' so to speak. And of course the more the characters talk (+ no action) = more lines to sub.

yup...and they're still talking...

Plus the weather is too hot, and I can't use my computer during the day-time. So I only work at nights.  :(

The episode ends with the message that they'll be having an SP soon called 'Deka Wanko Special Mission.'  I'm looking forward to that one at least.

8 May 2011
Update: I'm almost done with the episode.  Just realized the SP will be held in France. Gonna need to brush up on my French, I guess... jk! :)


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