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Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi (Spring 2016, NTV) stars Ohno Satoshi as Samejima Reiji, the president of Samejima Hotels. He is known to his subordinates as an unforgiving boss who fires anyone who commits even the slightest error. To women, he comes off as arrogant and brutally frank. Then, new employee, Shibayama Misaki (Haru) enters his life. Aside from having served at a 5 star hotel in Paris, and being fluent in some languages, there is nothing special about Misaki. However, despite the fact that Misaki said rude remarks to him, and committed a blunder at work, Reiji does not understand why he could not bring himself to fire her. His secretary Muraoki Maiko (Koike Eiko) says he might be in love with her. She advises him that in order to be popular with women, he should be less frank. "Lie to them in order to make them feel at ease." Reiji scoffs at the idea. Meanwhile, Wada Hideo (Kitamura Kazuki), the president of Wada Hotels and his arch rival in business, constantly teases Reiji for being single. In order to silence him, Reiji has two months until the next social event to find a prospective marriage partner to show off in front of Wada. He claims that Misaki is the woman who is "just about right" to fill in that position and is confident to make this happen. However, things are not as easy as he thinks...
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"The Most Difficult Romance"

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Ep. 1:
"Celebrity president who scores the lowest in the romance department falls in love at first sight! Proposing marriage with kind lies." (ep1 subs are found below) |   

Ep.  2: "The sourpuss President's first love is a series of challenges, one after another... Aiming to be a tolerant man! Courtship by way of walking the dog" < includes ep 1 and 2 subs! | 

Ep. 3: "The sourpuss President is embarrassed to confess to the newbie... His secret plan to switch on her love is..." -  | 

Ep. 4: "Following his Love Teacher's sure-fire winning instruction, they go on an overnight trip... When finally confessing his love, his mind goes blank" -  | 
Ep. 5: "Finally headed towards coupledom!? Mobilizing love skills, eagerly waiting for her final answer" -  | 

Ep. 6: "First love fulfilled, a couple is born! Tragedy of the Dance Party... Hearts communicating in the middle of the night" -   |  

Ep. 7: "Best kiss during a sleepover date!? A naive man's heart in trouble, a serious catastrophe" -  | 

Ep. 8: "His new love is the serene secretary who's proficient with soles of the feet? No Good Dad teaches him sincerity" | 

Ep. 9:
"Not fully giving up on his love and dreams... Best proposal via chance reunion" -  | 

Final Ep. 10: "Final episode's surprise extension! Are they going to get married? The impatient president's last crisis" -  | 

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Ep. 10: "Final episode's surprise extension! Are they going to get married? The impatient president's last crisis"

Episode Synopsis. Reiji (Ohno Satoshi) and Misaki (Haru) have finally reconciled. Reiji could not be any happier. However, Maiko (Koike Eiko) suggests he take it a bit further by tying the knot with Misaki. She also advises him to try and live with Misaki at first in order to test their relationship. Reiji is keen on the idea. But the problem is, every time Reiji asks Misaki to come to his apartment, she has been declining lately for some reason or another. He senses there is something wrong. Nevertheless, when Misaki heard that Reiji's father Kozo (Kosakai Kasuki) has come for a visit, she goes to Reiji's place without hesitation. Noticing this, Reiji hatches a plan...
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Ep. 9: "Not fully giving up on his love and dreams... Best proposal via chance reunion"

Episode Synopsis. Reiji (Ohno Satoshi) wants to reconcile with Misaki (Haru). He proposes to start all over again by accepting each other's shortcomings. She says she will agree only if he complies with her conditions, one of which is to not meet for awhile. Despite accepting her terms, Reiji still wants to see her by way of disguising it as a "chance meeting". When he heard that Miura (Kotaki Nozomu) passes by Misaki every morning on his way to work on his bicycle, Reiji tries to do the same. However... Meanwhile, Pres. Wada (Kitamura Kazuya) of Stay Gold Hotels has a surprising announcement...
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Ep. 8: "His new love is the serene secretary who's proficient with soles of the feet? No Good Dad teaches him sincerity"

Episode Synopsis. After only two weeks of dating, Reiji (Ohno Satoshi) and Misaki (Haru) have broken up. Misaki blames Reiji's pettiness and cowardice for the breakdown of their relationship. Reiji thinks Misaki is too strong-willed and often brandishes a sense of justice that he finds irritating. During a heated exchange, Reiji inadvertently told her that she is fired. Misaki thus resigns from the company right away. Reiji, however, regrets his words and wants to reconcile. His employees plan a way to get Misaki to return to work in order to make him happy. However, Misaki has plans of moving on... Meanwhile Reiji's loyal secretary Maiko (Koike Eiko) aborts her plan to date Wada (Kitamura Kazuya). The reason she gave was she likes Reiji and does not want to betray him. Wada informs Reiji about it later. "The most appropriate title for her isn't a president's secretary but a lover," Wada advises him... And then, Reiji has an unexpected visitor from his hometown. It was his father, Kozo (Kosakai Kasuki). Reiji receives him coldly for it seems he hates his father for some reason...

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Ep. 7: "Best kiss during a sleepover date!? A naive man's heart in trouble, a serious catastrophe"

Episode Synopsis.
Right after the disastrous Hotel Association party, Reiji (Ohno Satoshi) and Misaki (Haru) talked things out and reconciled. Haru even went to Reiji's apartment that same night. Not only that, she stayed over until the next morning. However, nothing happened between the two, not even a kiss. The same thing happened when she stayed the second time. Haru is beginning to wonder if there is something wrong with Reiji... Meanwhile, Reiji is making awkward attempts to kiss her. Because of his inexperience and shyness, he just does not know how to do it. He plans to kiss her while riding a Ferris wheel. Next he attempts to rig his bed so that the next time Haru sleeps over, it will cause him to fall over and...

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