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Shinya Shokudo, an MBS drama based on Abe Yaro's manga of the same name returns for its 3rd season. It stars Kobayashi Kaoru as "Master", the amiable, quiet chef of a quaint diner that opens at midnight. As always his usual customers continue to patronize his shop, unwind, taste his simple meals and have a few drinks. Master has only one item on his menu (tonjiru) but if he can, he will whip out a simple dish upon request. This season, Master will share to us more stories of some new customers, and prepare the dishes that they ask of him...
© original text by: earthcolors

"The Late Night Diner"

Subtitles by Wabi-Sabi Subs

earthcolors / wilki

Spot translator / QC: wilki
Editing / Styling / Timing: earthcolors

Special thanks:
ap / ruell / vampirexxx

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Subbing Update:
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Ep. 21
(S3E01): "Menchi-katsu" -   l  
Ep. 22 (S3E02): "Tomatoes Wrapped in Pork Belly" -  l  
Ep. 23 (S3E03): "Simmered Taro and Squid" -  l  
Ep. 24 (S3E04): "Red Pickled Ginger Tempura" l   
Ep. 25 (S3E05): "Vermicelli Salad" -  l  
Ep. 26 (S3E06): "Cabbage Rolls" -  l  
Ep. 27 (S3E07): "Freshwater Clam Soup" - l     
Ep. 28 (S3E08): "Sauteed Burdock Root" l  
Ep. 29 (S3E09):  "Liver with Chinese Chives and Chinese Chives with Liver" -  l    
Final Ep. 30 (S3E10): "Year-Crossing Soba" l   

Theme Song Translation: "Yakimochi" by Takahashi Yu

D-addicts thread:

For Season 2 subs: (link)
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Final Ep. 30: "Crossing the Year Soba"

Episode Synopsis:

It's New Year's Eve. Master (Kobayashi Kaoru) opens his shop earlier than usual, and prepares handmade soba. One by one, his expected patrons come in: Chuu (Fuwa Mansaku), Marilyn (Ando Tamae), Komichi (Uno Shohei), Kanemoto (Kaneko Kiyobumi), Hachiro (Nakayama Yuichiro), Kasumi (Tanimura Mitsuki) and Kimitoshi (Shuhei Takahashi). However, each brings his own soba... After quickly closing his own bar, Kosuzu (Ayata Toshiki) arrives just in time as well, along with Kou (Yoshimi Yukihiro). Meanwhile, in a nearby police booth, cops Noguchi (Mitsuishi Ken), Izumi (Shinohara Yukiko), and Kogure (Odagiri Joe) are together eating the soba made by Master. Everyone that night is eating and slurping handmade toshikoshi soba. As the Meshi-ya patrons are about to make a toast, the Ochazuke Sisters (Sudo Risa / Kobayashi Asako / Yoshimoto Naoko) who are wearing lovely kimonos, are able to make it at the last minute. Then, local gangster, Ryu (Matsushige Yutaka) and his subordinate Gen (Yamanaka Takashi) also appear. They have just finished preparing the rice cake for the zoni (rice cake soup). Everyone revels in Meshiya's warmth and friendly atmosphere, as they usher in the New Year together...

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Ep. 29 "Liver with Chinese Chives and Chinese Chives with Liver"

Episode Synopsis.

Detectives Noguchi (Mitsuishi Ken) and his partner Natsuki Izumi (Shinohara Yukiko) are like oil and water, they do not get along. Their opinions and views clash especially regarding investigation techniques. And even though they both like and order the same dish from Master, they disagree over its name: "Liver with Chinese Chives" or "Chinese Chives with Liver". Master thinks they might be mutual enemies from their previous lives. Then, Izumi learns that Noguchi is pining for a widow of a victim from his old case. She thinks such behavior is unethical and unprofessional. She tells Master that Noguchi who is an admired and commended cop, has already lost his edge. She wants out of this partnership...

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Ep. 28: "Sautéed Burdock Root"

Episode Synopsis:
Meshiya's patron and local yakuza thug, Gen (Yamanaka Takashi) eats his usual order of burdock cooked "kinpira" style. Then, an older, smart-looking woman, Ichikawa Chizuru (Tsumiki Miho) comes and orders the same dish, too. The usually tough looking Gen suddenly lights up, and smiles. He recognizes the woman as a teacher and club adviser from his high school days, and his long-time crush. An ecstatic Gen goes out drinking with Chizuru, and in his drunken state, admits his love for her... Gen has learned that Chizuru had moved to the US, and has been working there as an interpreter. For the first time in 10 years, she came back to spend two weeks in Japan, meeting and catching up with her old friends. While waiting for Chizuru to spend time with him, Gen admits to Master that it was she who said kind words of farewell to him when he quit high school and left for Tokyo many years ago. "Come back a good man," she had told him. That is why he now vows to quit the yakuza in order to make her happy...

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