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Robo-G (Toho, 2012) is a movie written and directed by Yaguchi Shinobu (Water Boys, Swing Girls). In this film, three employees of a small town appliance manufacturing company were instructed to develop a bipedal humanoid robot to help promote their products. They were only given 3 months to work on it, and so far, all they could accomplish was to make it walk a few steps. Then, an unfortunate accident takes place, leaving the robot permanently destroyed. With the Robot Expo only a week away, the desperate team decides to secretly hire anyone who can fit into the robotic suit and pretend to be the robot. Somehow, they end up hiring a stringy old grandpa named Suzuki. Finally, the day of the Expo arrives. Suzuki-san dons the metallic suit and is told to follow three simple instructions: go onstage, wave to the cameras, and then leave. Their harmless little scheme seems to be going smoothly, that is, until the "robot" decides to take things up a notch...

Robo-G stars Mickey Curtis as Suzuki Shigemitsu, a 73 year old crotchety retiree who pretends to be a robot called "New Shiokaze"; Hamada Gaku (as Kobayashi Hiroki), Chan Kawai (as Ota Koji), and Kawashima Junya (Nagai Shinya) as the three members of the robotics team; and Yoshitaka Yuriko as Sasaki Yoko, a robot otaku who gets smitten by New Shiokaze. (Info and pix:
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Written and Directed by:
Yaguchi Shinobu

Subs by Earthburi Team

Translations and Editing:

Spot Translator and QC:

Special thanks to:
furransu, zdzdz

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Here is a song to cheer you up! lol jk

I haven't yet featured an enka song here so I might as well start with this one, "Showa Kare Susuki" featured in the movie, "Robo-G."
It's a 1974 duet song by Sakura and Ichiro (Kawano Sakura and Tokugawa Ichirou). It was also covered by Misora Hibari and Jero.

Showa Period is from 1926-1989 while susuki is Eulalia grass or Chinese silver grass (often mistaken as Pampas grass which is actually native to South America). It is called "Showa" to differentiate it from its predecessor, Nakayama Shimpei and Noguchi Ujo's famous song "Sendo Ko-uta" (or "Boatman's Ditty" released in 1922), with similar lyrics regarding susuki grass ("I am withered susuki grass on the river bank... you and me, we will never bloom").
(info: a sheep's song; patrickhcc)

Lyrics are under the cut, with translation by danburi. ;D

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Here are some notes from the movie, Robo-G:

Humanoid Robots. Robot with a body that resembles that of a human. Characteristics of humanoid (and what differentiates them from other robots, ie, industrial ones) are the following: it has legged locomotion (requiring dynamics, balance, and control); and the ability to move and gather information from its environment and interact with it (requiring programs such as self-collision detection, path planning and obstacle avoidance). Notable walking humanoids include: Honda's ASIMO and Sony's QRIO.
(info: wiki)

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