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Kaneko Misuzu Monogatari (TBS Drama Special, 09 July 2012) tells about the brief life of poet and songwriter Kaneko Misuzu (real name, Kaneko Teru). The story starts in the spring of 1920, Kaneko Teru (Ueto Aya) has just graduated from high school. She is young and vibrant and has dreams of becoming a poet. Her cousin, Masasuke (Imai Tsubasa) is very fond of her, and yearns to tell her of his feelings. However, he does not know the awful truth about his adoption, and that he is actually the younger brother of Teru. Feeling that Masasuke and Teru are getting too close for comfort, Masasuke's adoptive father tries to separate the two. Later on, Teru will also be forced into an unhappy marriage with a man she does not love...
© original text by: earthcolors

Subs by EarthBuri Team

Screenplay by: Shimizu Akemi

Translation/fine timing: danburi
QC/Editing: earthcolors

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Here are some background notes for the Kaneko Misuzu Story from danburi and me...

Kaneko Misuzu (1903 - 1930). Real name: Kaneko Teru. Having been born and raised in the fishing village of Senzaki (now part of Nagato, Yamaguchi Prefecture), she would often take inspiration from the sea and the fishing folks' way of life when writing her poems. Her poems were praised by Saijo Yaso but were largely forgotten after her death. However, they were re-discovered in 1984, and a new book of her poetry collection was published. Since then, her poems are loved by many and some of her poems were used in school textbooks. As her poetry were recognized and praised, many of her poems were turned into songs by many different composers. At age 27, she took her own life in 1930 by way of an overdose to protect her child.

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Her are Danburi's translations of some of Kaneko Misuzu's other poems mentioned in the drama...

4 Poems by Kaneko Misuzu (translated into English by Danburi):


The magic mallet (Uchide no Kuzuchi)
(打出の小槌 kanji link)

If I had the magic mallet
What would I wish for…?
Sweet jellied bean, sponge cake, sweet beans
The same watch as my big sister
Maybe I’ll wish for
Really white good singing cockatoo
And a midget with a red hat
to dance everyday
No, I will wish…
Just like a story of Tom Thumb
Grow up right away
And became an adult
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Mother bird, baby birds
Three pigeons in front of
the vegetable store, cooing.
Eggplant is purple
Cabbage is green
Strawberry is red
All shiny and wet.
What should I buy?
White pigeon was
pretending not to know
...and cooing…

Clock for the child* (Kodomo no Tokei)
(子供の時計 kanji link)

I wonder if there is a clock...
that can be seen from far away...
It's so large like a castle...
Inside the clock, there's a room...
...where everyone's working together to wind the clock...
…and hanging onto the large pendulum…
…and look far, far away…
And when everyone sings together
In the dawn, the sun will awaken
At the dusk, the stars will appear…
That’ll be so wonderful.
(*"This poem’s title didn’t make sense to me. But in one of Japanese website, it is explained as, 'Adults always look back in time but children look forward in time, look to the future, dreams, etc. And that’s the feeling this poem has.' " ~danburi)


A Funeral (Otomurai)

(おとむらひ kanji link)

A funeral for old letters
No bells and no attendants
Really sad funeral

Past warm memories
Hateful large envelopes

Ink bleed with the tears
Flower petals bound in the letter
All burn with ease
Flame won’t turn to words

Those memories from the past
will now rise slowly
to the twilight sky.

For more of Kaneko Misuzu's poems in Japanese: visit this site


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