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Hanayome (TBS Drama Special) is a new year special shown on 02 Jan. 2012. It is an adaptation of a work from renowned late writer, Mukoda Kuniko. It stars Izumi Pinko as Chiyo, a widow of 7 years. She has four children, two of whom are already married. She lives in an old rented house with her two unmarried daughters, Tomoe (Nakama Yukie) and Yoko (Kawashima Umika). However, the house will soon be demolished and so they are forced to transfer elsewhere. Eldest son Ryoichi (Sano Mizuki) asks his mother to move in with him and his family. However, she turns it down saying she has decided to work as a live in housekeeper. Then, to everyone's surprise, eldest daughter Setsuko (Kobayashi Ayako) reveals that there is a marriage proposal for their 59 year old mother. It was from their late father's friend, Kurosaki (Kobayashi Nenji), the sleepy-eyed widower and owner of an umbrella manufacturing company. Even if he had promised a comfortable life for their mother, Tomoe and Yoko are not in favor it. Chiyo herself laughs at the proposal but inside, she is flustered. Meanwhile, Kurosaki informs his sister about his decision to remarry but does not tell her about Chiyo. The sister is upset, and thinks that whoever this woman is, she is only out to get his money. As everyone is all abuzz about the marriage proposal, Kurosaki's company is about to go bankrupt...
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~ Hanayome ~

"The Bride"

Original writer: Mukoda Kuniko
Screenplay: Kurotsuchi Mitsuo

English translation and fine timing: 
Spot translator and QCer: 

Special thanks to:
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furransu (jp subs)

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Initial Editing: done!
Final QC and editing: done!

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Here is the 1963 song, "Au (Meet)" featured in the drama special, Hanayome. Since it is a relatively obscure song, it has not been uploaded yet anywhere in the internet except for this sampler here. Sung by Hibari Misora as a secondary single to her "Aa Koibito yo" under Nippon Columbia Records. Lyrics by Sodesaki Shu, composed by Yoneyama Masao, and arranged by Matsuo Kenji. Thanks to danburi for the translation!

kanji. romaji and english lyrics under the cut )
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Here are some drama notes for Kuniko Mukoda's Hanayome SP:

Kuniko Mukoda (1929-1981). A well-respected writer of novels, short stories, essays and screenplays. Her works were considered more realistic than the usual drama fare at that time, mainly focusing on day to day living and family life tinged with inner turmoils. She died in a plane crash in 1981 but her works still live on - some of which are still being adapted into stage plays and drama specials - proof of the enduring quality of her stories and the relatable appeal of her characters.
(info: wiki) (pic: caisuizi)

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