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Here is my translation of VS嵐2018年07月05日 OPT:

S: We talked about this a bit last week's opening talk but this week, I'd like to ask you about crepe.

(Flashback from last week's OPT:
S: Then shall we talk about crepe?
Off Cam Staff: Next week!
S: Can we talk about crepes next week?

N: People have been waiting for it, right? For one week.

S: Are you the type who puts sweets in it or food, like snacks for example.

N: I absolutely put sweets on mine.

S: What sweets would you like with it?

N: Choco banana. (Sample picture shown)

S: With whipped cream?

N: Yeah.

S: The classic style, huh.

N: When I was small, I think the one who eats it was the most stylish kid (probably in his school).

S: You Aiba-san, which one are you?

A: I prefer sweets. Mine is choco custard. That was the most stylish, when I was small. (Sample picture shown)

M: Me, I like it salty. Something like pizza-ish. (Sample picture shown) When I was shooting my drama this year (99.9 Keiji Senmon Bengoshi), the catering crew had someone like a crepe maker. I'd eat it with everyone.

S: So all of you get to eat crepes in between scenes of the drama?

M: Yeah.

S: So stylish, huh.

M: The catering car would come and serve it to us.

S: (To N) You'd better do that (in your drama "Black Pean"). You still have time.

N: Nah, it's already over. It's over. It should be him (points at A, who is filming a drama for the coming season).

S: It's gonna likely spread in the industry. Someone will probably do that, the same caterer (handing crepes to) Arashi members in other filming sites.

S: And people would be like, "It seems in 2018, crepe is 'in', huh~".

End of OPT.


Plus One Team: Nankai Candies
Opposing Team: "Zettai Reido" Team
Sawamura Ikki, Yokoyama Yu, Honda Tsubasa, Emoto Tokio, Hirata Mitsuru, Ito Atsushi

Date: 2018-08-09 10:21 pm (UTC)

sutekinaj: (Arashi)
From: [personal profile] sutekinaj
Thank you so much for translating the opening talk.Otsukaresamadeshita.
Date: 2018-08-10 01:25 am (UTC)

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From: [personal profile] niyuzuku
thank you


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