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Ep. 11: "Chilled Dandan Noodles and Twice Cooked Pork of Myogadani, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo"

Episode Synopsis. Inogashira Goro (Matsushige Yutake) was reluctant at first to take on a request from a client to accept a magazine interview on European interior design trends. In the end, he agreed and went to Myogadani in Bunkyo Ward to meet with editor Kawashima Hideki. The interview began right away at a cafe. However, he did not expect them to take his picture as well, so an awkward and stiff Goro had a difficult time posing for the camera... Afterwards, apart from feeling hot on a humid day, Goro also felt suddenly tired and hungry. He searched around downtown until he found "Houei" which serves Chinese cuisine. After he was greeted by clerk Hamada (Mizusawa Erena), Goro immediately ordered chilled dandan noodles which was perfect for the early summer heat. He also scanned the menu, and saw a number of unusual, unheard of items. After much pondering, he decided on twice cooked pork, chawanmushi, and steamed avocado to make up his one-man Chinese midday banquet...

Drama Notes:

Featured Eatery:

Address: Tokyo, Bunkyo Ward Koishikawa 5-38-14
Tel. No: 050-5593-4692
How To Get There:
8-minute walk from Myogadani Subway Station (map)
More info/pix:

Koishikawa. A district of Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo. Other places to visit within and around the area: Koishikawa Botanical Garden (related to Tokyo University) in Hakusan, and the Koishikawa Korakuen Garden (above pic) in Korakuen.
(info wiki) (pic: wiki)

Ep. 11 Food-Related Glossary:
Hoikoro [回鍋肉]. In Chinese, it's "Hui Guo Rou", in English "Twice Cooked Pork. It has pork, "which is simmered, sliced and stir fried, and commonly stir fried vegetables such as cabbage, bell peppers, onions, or scallions with a sauce that may include Shaoxing rice wine, Hoisin sauce, soy sauce, sugar, ginger, chili bean paste and tianmianjiang bean paste."
(quote/pic above left: wiki)
Hiyashi Tantan-men [冷やしタンタン麺]. Chilled Dandan noodles.
Yogenton [四元豚]. A pork hybrid using four breeds of pig. If it's three it's [三元豚] or "sangenton".
Avocado no Seiro-mushi [アボカドのセイロ蒸し]. Avocado cooked and served in its "seiro-mushi" which means "steaming basket".
Moppiri [モツピリ]. Offals or innards.
Kiiroi gekikara tōfu ni [黄色い激辛豆腐煮]. The "yellow spicy simmered tofu" that Qusumi ordered. It seems hard to find a recipe for this in both Japanese and Chinese (googling it yields only links to this Houei restaurant) and a mystery as to how they achieved the yellow color. If they used "yellow bean sauce" it will still come out as light brown. So maybe turmeric or yellow curry? Edit: After reviewing the subs, the restaurant called this dish [黄橙籠豆腐] which translates to "Yellow Orange Basket Steamer Tofu" so I think they used orange fruit (in the video, you can see some orange pulp bits), so maybe it's an orange flavored mapo tofu.
Yodaredori [よだれ鶏]. In Chinese it's "Kou Shui Ji" [口水鸡] which literally means "Saliva Chicken" or "Drool Chicken", a chicken dish with spicy sauce. In the subs, I called it "Mouthwatering Chicken". For a recipe: chinasichuanfood.
(pic above middles: matome)
Mizuni Gyuniku [水煮牛肉]. This was the dish with lots of spices that the other customer was eating. In Chinese it's "Shuizhu Roupian" [水煮肉片]. Here's a recipe: galaxylink.
(pic above right: meishij)

What Was Actually Said.
Goro's "saiko" pun. Goro made a pun out of the name of Saigo Takamori [西郷隆盛], and said, "Saiko Takamori" [最高隆盛] which means "highest (or ultimate) prosperity"
"Aoshima". Qusumi read Tsingtao [青島] Beer as "Aoshima" which both means "blue (or green) island". Tsingtao is China's second largest brewery.
(info/pic: wiki)

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Did watch this episode. ato one more episode,so fast owaritakunai
Thanks for always sharing this.


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