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Ep. 10: "Aji Fry Set Meal of Kanaya, Futtsu, Chiba Prefecture"

Episode Synopsis. Inogashira Goro arrived in the seaside town of Kanaya, Futtsu in Chiba Prefecture via Hama-Kanaya Station. He met with Kurokawa (Ishii Masanori) executive managing director of a well-established onsen ryokan called "Kajiya Ryokan". Kurokawa thought to start offering coffee service in the ryokan lobby for foreign guests which have increased recently. Goro happily presented samples of European made coffee cups. After the meeting, Goro felt hunger pangs and decided to try out a nearby shop called "Hamabe", enticed by its offer of "fishermen's meals". Inside, regular customer Matsuda (Satoh Gajiro) told Goro that the shop's proprietress (Matsumoto Akiko) is a great cook and that the food is delicious. So Goro, with high expectations, ordered a set meal that included Aji Fry, pickles, seaweed miso soup, meat and potato stew, sangayaki...

Drama Notes:

Featured Eatery:

Ryoushi Meshi HAMABE
[漁師めし はまべ]
Address: Chiba Prefecture, Futtsu, Kanaya 3971
Tel. No: 0439-69-2090
How To Get There:
5 minute walk from Hamakanaya Station (map)
More info/pix:

Kanaya, Futtsu [金谷 富津市]. A seaside town in Futtsu City, where Kanaya Port is located. Aside from Nokogiriyama Ropeway (pic above), other places to visit are the Kanaya Fishing Port, The Fish (restaurant and fish market), and the Uchibo Flower House.
(info: (pic:

Ansei [安政]. This era is from 1854 to 1860. That makes the ryokan in this episode, 163 years old.
(info: wiki)

Ep. 10 Food-Related Glossary:
Ryoushi Meshi [漁師めし]. Fishermen's Meals or Cuisine, using the catch of the day.
Aji Zanmai [アジ三昧]. Zanmai (which means "concentrating on something") is the name given to a dish, particularly one type of fish, that is prepared in three different ways. "Zanmai" is a clever name for it since [三] means number "3", and that the dish concentrates on just one fish. In this episode, aji or mackerel pike was presented as sashimi, tataki, and namerou (explanation below). Another type of fish that can be prepared this way is Maguro (Tuna) Zanmai. (pic above left: pecolly)
Kajime [カジメ]. Edible slimy seaweed used in this episode, scientific name "Ecklonia cava".
Jisakana [地魚]. Local fish.
Tataki [たたき]. It means "to beat up". This is why Goro commented that Chiba cooking is "violent" because they do a lot of "chopping" and "beating up" noises when preparing food. "Tataki" has two ways: slightly sear the fish first, fillet it, sliced thinly, could be marinated with vinegar, and added chopped ginger, leeks or other condiments. The second method is chopped/sliced it up raw, and added leeks. For a raw "Aji Tataki" recipe, you can watch this clip from youtube. (info: wiki)
Namerou [なめろう]. I already explained this before, and it has already been seen in at least two or three past episodes. I only want to point out the difference between this and Tataki, is that namerou is raw, and has miso.
Sangayaki [さんが焼き]. Baked Minced Fish Cakes, a specialty of Boso Peninsula, Chiba. It is basically namerou but fried or baked. You can also substitute with chicken, or prepare it ala gratin. Based on this cookpad recipe, get fresh deboned fish (aji, tuna, saury, sardines) and minced finely. Chop onions and garlic and mix with the fish. Add miso and chopped them all together. Make patties, and wrapped with perilla or shiso leaves. Fry in sesame oil on both sides until done. (recipe and pic above right: SEATCLUB)

What Was Actually Said:
"Chi" ni tenten [ 「ち」に点々]. Goro noted the spelling of "Kajiya" of "Kajiya Ryokan" [かぢや旅館]. The sound "ji" can be spelled either hard "chi" [ぢ] or hard "shi" [じ], depending on the kanji of the word. Goro mentioned it, in order to probably remember how it is written. "Ni tenten" [点々] is what you do, pressing or toggling the keyboard in order to find and get the proper hiragana, katakana or kanji character that you are looking for. So Goro is literally saying or reminding himself to "Press "chi" or "di" (not "shi") to get the "ぢ" for Kajiya.
(info: my friend yuuki)

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