Jan. 1st, 2017

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Cold Case ~Shinjitsu No Tobira~ (Fall 2016, WOWOW) is the Japanese version of the American TV series, "Cold Case" (2003-2010,CBS/Warner Bros). Police Inspector Ishikawa Yuri (Yoshida Yo) who holds the position of captain at the First Investigative Division of the Kanagawa Prefectural Police, solves homicide cases. One day, after given the blessing by Deputy Director Motoki Hidetoshi (Miura Tomokazu), she takes on a 20 year old unresolved case involving a young man whose abandoned body was found in front of his home. She is helped by her team that consists of competent officers: young police sergeant Takagi Shinjiro (Nagayama Kento), and senior police lieutenants, Tachikawa Daisuke (Takito Kenichi) and Kaneko Toru (Mitsuishi Ken). Since then, they solve cold cases that date back many years, giving hope and closure to long-suffering loved ones left behind by victims, and breaking open doors that hide the truth...
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~Shinjitsu No Tobira~

Subtitles by
Wabi-Sabi Subs

Translation / Editing / Timing:

Special thanks:
These softsubs are for personal or reference use only.
These are not for sale, reposting or re-uploading.
If you wish to inform others of it, kindly redirect them here.
Do not re-edit and release as your own.
If you wish to do anything with these translations, please let me know.

Subbing Notes:
This time, subs are available in Aegisubs format only.
I may upload .srt versions but only after all the subs are done.
These are timed to raws uploaded by furransu, and to the DoA raws uploaded by wwwendywllm3 and VampireXxX.
Drama notes will also be completed when all the subs are done.

Subbing Updates:
(click on "police siren" for the subs, timed to 480p only;
Subs timed to DoA raws, are found below)

Case 01: "Confined Voice"
Case 02: "Memory"
Case 03: "False Accusation"
Case 04: "Orion"
Case 05: "Pool"

Case 06: "Love Letter"
Case 07: "Classmates' Reunion" - 
Case 08: "Millennium"
Case 09: "The Promise" 
Final Case 10: "Black Forest"

Complete Eng Subs (480p) (DoA)

D-addicts thread: (link)
Drama Notes: (link)


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