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I translated the trailer for Ohchan's movie, "Shinobi no Kuni" (Official English title, "Mumon"). I am posting the soft subs, link under the cut (.ass only).

This is for those who can obtain the trailer using any online video downloader, like "tubeninja dot net" (pun unintended). But for those who don't want to bother with that, I also have posted the translation transcript below. Just read while watching the trailer. Take note, I am not sure whose some of the voices belong to, so I just guessed or put "unknown".
Update: I have updated these subs with a correction. Also, I have subbed Trailer 2 as well which I uploaded in another post (here)

Narrator: There was only one country, that Oda Nobunaga, the strongest man in the Sengoku Period, had never attacked.
Text: "That country is Iga."

Narrator: In that country where a great number of brute ninjas lived...

Shimoyama Heibe (Suzuki Ryohei): This person is not a human being.

Narrator: ...There is a peerless ninja... (Mumon [Ohno Satoshi]): Yo!) ...who goes by the name of Mumon.

Mumon: Because you know, I'm the best shinobi in Iga.
O-Kuni (Ishihara Satomi): You must be joking.
Text: "His Achilles' Heel: His Wife"
Mumon: Eh?

Text: "Original Work: Wada Ryo ("Nobo no Shiro" "Murakami Kaizoku no Musume")"

Text: "The Oda Army Aims For the World"
Oda Nobukatsu (Chinen Yuri): I will attack Iga.
Narrator: In the end, the Oda army attacks.

Voice (unknown): We will eradicate them!

Momoji Sandayu (Tatekawa Danshun): Retreat!

O-Kuni: Run away? Absolutely not!
Mumon: We have to. We have to go! ...O-Kuni-dono.

Text: "Based on historical facts"
Narrator: It was... (Oda Nobukatsu: Fire!) ...a battle that they couldn't possibly win.
Shimoyama Kai (Denden): If this continues, Iga is doomed.

O-Kuni: Mumon-dono... you... must not die.
Text: "Strongest [Oda Army] VS Weak [Iga Shinobi]"
Mumon: This is it... Finally!

Iga Shinobi: Mumon has arrived!

Mumon: I guess we are ridiculously outnumbered...

Mumon: All men of Iga... Hear me out!!

Oda Nobukatsu: It's Mumon...
(Probably) Daizen Heki [Iseya Yusuke)]): You are Mumon!

Momoji Sandayu: All right. Burn it.
Text: "That Secret Plan...
Mumon: Burn it!?
Text: ...Will he see through it!?"

(Probably) Shimoyama Heibe: You were truly deceived.

Momoji Sandayu: Give them a taste of the shinobi's true terrifying nature!

Text: "For the One He Loves"

Momoji Sandayu: Prepare yourselves!

Shimoyama Heibe: I am not your enemy.

Mumon: Am I able to know what's going to happen next!

Narrator: Shinobi no Kuni

Mumon: I wonder if I can stop the war... with those Oda guys...

Text: "July 1: Watch History's Great Reversal!!"

Soft Subs here: (link)
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