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Another fun and fulfilling year of subbing projects... Though we had a few, I really enjoyed the projects of 2013 - Kodoku no Gurume S3, Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi and Amachan, etc. Hope we could still find some great dramas to sub for 2014...

Good thing Mahoro will be back for a second movie called "Mahoro Eikmae Kyosokyoku." Yay! My favorite duo, tsukkomi Tada and boke Gyoten!
And for sure, Kodoku will also be back for an S4.
As for Amachan... I just had fun watching the cast reunite in the recent Kouhaku. :D
Not really anticipating a sequel anytime soon though. (I personally think all the cast and crew need to rest). Besides, it'll be a tremendous effort to reunite that big a cast, considering each will be busy doing other things. But I still can rewatch the show when Amaloss hits me from time time. Anyway, for those who enjoyed the Trivia Notes I made for Amachan, I'll be posting more Notes in the future. Please wait for it. :DDD

And also wait for our new year subs for Kagiheya SP!!
Thank you for spending time with danburi and me...
Wishing you a Happy 2014, everyone~!

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Oh, wow, another year has almost passed...
It was a good one, hope it was good for you, too.
Wishing you all the best this season and the next ones to come~!
Thanks for another year of hanging out with danburi and me.
Merry Christmas, everyone~!

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The world may not have ended but I did catch a nasty flu last Dec. 21...
But I'm fine and all is well... having survived the stressful holidays once again.

Hope you had a better time than me! lol
Merry Christmas, everyone~!

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Since d-addicts is down (for somewhat an unusually long time)...
we've decided to post the softsubs we've churned out so far through ddl sites. 
I mean, for those who are following the dramas we are subbing:
Ep4 of Kodoku no Gurume S2...
and Double Face WOWOW SP are up... Go and get em!

UPDATE: For news on d-addicts's status, here's a thread.
And furransu has set up a temporary site to post his uploads:

I'm a bit cranky not only 'cause d-addicts is down...
but it's because of the latest episode of KodoGuru2...
I'm craving for some churros right now~!! /sobs

This is basically how it is every time I watch KodoGuru:



Oh, well... Enjoy~!

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