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It's been a year since I subbed Don Quixote. I just came back from rewatching it, and reviewing my subs. I also ironed out some kinks here and there (with help from danburi :)). And so I've posted the newer version up at d-addicts. For those who haven't watched it (or want to rewatch something this season), I'd recommend it. Even if I've already seen it a number of times, I still enjoyed watching... :D

Oh, Shirota-kun, I miss chuu...

Some time ago, while I was subbing Kagiheya, a kind anon soul quietly slipped into the comments section an English translation of DonQ's insert song, "Bolero Para Dulcinea." I had asked for anyone to help with the translation, you see, because I adore the song so much but I don't know the lyrics. I did reply to say my thanks and asked her/him to come back and give a name so I can give her/him credit. But my kind sender still remains anonymous up to now. So whoever you are, thank you very much!

Btw, a word is missing from the lyrics. Anon says he/she couldn't make it out so if anyone can recognize the word, hope you can fill us in on it. :)

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Here are the lyrics to the theme song of DonQui... 'Beautiful Days' by SPYAIR.

It's not 100% accurate but if you wanna use it for something, kindly credit the source. Thanks!

(PV link)

kanji lyrics here )

romaji and english here )

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I've asked my former subbing buddy, Halcali_fan to transcribe and translate the opening song of "Don Quixote." He was also kind enough to make KARAOKE subs for us! Woo-hoo!  Thanks so much Halcali_fan! You're so awesome!

Don't forget to thank Halcali_fan, too! Just click under the cut for lyrics and links...

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For me, 'Tema de Don Quixote' is so joyful to hear that it somehow overshadowed the drama's official theme song by SPYAIR (I'm thinking of translating that one soon but... I dunno - I don't feel it). 'Tema...' is sung by Cuban flamenco singer/composer Andres Correa (not to be confused with the Colombian musician with the same name). It's found in the drama's OST produced by Kaneko Takahiro.

Halcali_fan would also like to work on the other wonderful insert song, 'Bolero Para Dulcinea' sung by Cuban salsa singer Tania Pantoja, but he can't recognize the Cuban accent well, but if you can and wish to help out (we'll credit you), please drop me a line or send me a PM. Thanks!



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