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As stated in the Notes 3, Senpai's cake-like Tamagoyaki version in Amachan is viewed as impractical by some viewers. Nevertheless, if you're interested in trying it out, here is a translation of an easier recipe submitted by chavrola-san, translated by danburi-san If you ever get to try it, let me know if it worked... or not. ^_^
(info: yahoo) (all pix: nhk) (translation: danburi)

Senpai's Tamagoyaki (easy version)

Liquid dashi
Light soy sauce
1/2 tsp
1 Tbs
3 Tbs
1 tsp

1. Whip eggs really well and put through
2. Mix all seasonings well.
3. Mix together 1 and 2 well and keep
whipping until mixture have a little
thickness to it.

4. Heat the frying pan and then grease the
frying pan evenly.
5. Pour entire mixture in the frying pan over
really low heat.

6. (If you don't want to do what Senpai
did in the drama *pic above* that is,
hovering hot coals over it...) cover the top
with aluminum foil and keep cooking for
about an hour.
7. If possible, flip after an hour and cook
for 10 more minutes.
8. And then you're done!

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Here's a translation of a recipe by  とものすきー★ (tomo no suki) of cookpad. All pix are from hers, too.
(Recipe and Pix: tomonosuki)

Jeje ★ Kuji's Mamebu Soup
From the asadora "Amachan," the well-known Mamebu soup of Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture.
With ingredients you can afford! ★(‘ j ’)/

Ingredients: (Serves 4 people)


Flour 200g (2 cups)
Hot water 100cc (1/2 cup)
Walnuts (peeled) 30g
A little brown sugar


Water 1000cc (5 cups)
Kombu (Kelp) 15cm
Niboshi 5 pcs
Soy sauce 3Tbs
Pinch of salt


Carrot 1 pc.
Burdock 1/2 pc
Grilled Tofu 1/2 block
Aburaage (deep fried tofu) 1 pc
Dried Shitake Mushrooms 5 pcs


1. (To make the
dumplings), knead
flour and hot water
into a small ball.


2. Divide the dough
into bite-size pieces,
then put inside chopped
walnuts and sugar.
Keep rolling so the
contents won't come

3. These are the
"mamebu." Sprinkle
with potato starch
so they won't stick.


4. Chop soup
ingredients to
bite-sized pieces.


5. Put kombu and niboshi
in 1000cc of water and
turn on heat. Remove them
when it begins to boil.

6. Add ingredients from
Step 4. Season with
salt and soy sauce as it

7. Put in the dumplings
from Step 3. Once the
dumplings are cooked,
it is done.

8. The road stations in
Kuji also sell frozen
mamebu dumplings!
Je Je!(‘ jj ’)

Amachan Episode Index: (Link)
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Here are the drama notes from the Drama SP "Kyou no Hi wa Sayonara"...

NTV's 24Hour TV 2013. NTV's charity TV telethon this year was hosted by Arashi for the second year in a row. According to ratings, "24 Jikan Terebi recorded a high of 39.3% while averaging 18.1% from Aug.24 6:30 pm~Aug.25 8:54 pm..." This year, ~Love Saves the Earth~ charity t-shirts designed in collaboration with Ohno Satoshi and artist, Kusama Yayoi... "have broken through the 1 million sales mark, making it the most sold t-shirts ever."
(info: ntv, majide, jenewseng) (gifs: free-o-style)

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