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Mou Yuukai Nante Shinai (Special Drama, 03 Jan. 2012, Fuji TV) stars Ohno Satoshi as Tarui Shotaro, a man in his late 20's who originally wanted to fulfill his boyhood dream to become a superhero. But instead, he struggles to find regular work in Metropolitan Tokyo while currently manning a mobile stand selling baked sweet potato as a part-time job. One day, he chances upon Hanazono Erika (Aragaka Yui), a daughter of a tough leader of a Yakuza gang, who implores for his aid in finding money to pay for her ailing half-sister's operation. Eventually, Shotaro finds himself taking part in an elaborate fake kidnapping plot in order to force Erika's father to shell out 30 million yen. Though he gets a chance to fulfill his dream, Shotaro realizes that becoming a real-life hero is not exactly turning out the way he imagined it to be...
© original text by: earthcolors 

Mou Yuukai Nante Shinai SP

Translation and editing: earthcolors

Special thanks for the raws:, \( -o_o- )/

These softsubs are NOT for sale, re-posting or re-uploading.
Kindly redirect here or at d-addicts.
If you wish to use my translation for anything, please let me know.

Subbing Status:
0%... sp just aired... translation pending.
10% translated... just started.
23% translated... oh-chan, kyun<3
50%... that'll be 1 out of 2 hours worth of subs already translated.
83% translated... only 20 mins. left to sub! Uwah~ the story is really good! So proud of Riida!
100% translated. Editing in progress! It's done!

Completed and Released: 9 Jan, 2012 (.srt)

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D-Addicts (link)

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