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Here are the drama notes for "Akuma ga Kitarite Fue wo Fuku" 2018 SP shown on NHK. Warning: Spoilers Ahead!!

Btw, this was the 2nd part installment of NHK's Kindaichi Kosuke Mystery Specials, the first one was "Gokumontou" which was shown in 2016. Though at first, I was a bit disappointed when I heard that a different actor was going to play the detective role, I was pleased with this SP nonetheless. Yoshioka Hidetaka's "Kindaichi" version was refreshingly different. His Kindaichi was somewhat like everyone's favorite uncle, a grey-haired, gentle oji-san, played with a hint of bashful boyish charm. Despite some unanswered issues with this story, it went beyond my expectations. I think it was smartly written, and I even enjoyed it much more than the previous "Gokumontou" SP. And it was dark! Like WOWOW dark. Though I haven't seen them, I'm sure the past adaptations watered down the shocking elements of the story, but this one? Oh boy, NHK really went all out and even beyond the normal story line...
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Here are some drama notes for the SP "Daijoyu Satsujin Jiken" (Warning: Spoilers Ahead!!):

The Original Novel. "The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side" by Agatha Christie was published in 1962, featuring Miss Marple as the amateur detective who cracked the case. It takes references from actual history (discussed below). The time setting sees the end of the 50s, and the beginnings of a rising new culture of the 60s, with Miss Marple commenting on these changes and her aging health.
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Here are some drama notes for the SP "Paddington Hatsu 4.50" (Warning: Spoilers Ahead!!):

The Original Novel. The book "4.50 From Paddington" was first published in 1957, and made into several movie and TV adaptations. The title refers to the train the eyewitness McGillicudy was riding in when she saw the murder. In the US, it was published with the title, "What Mrs. McGullicuddy Saw".
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Here are some drama notes for the SP "Kuroido Goroshi" (Warning: Spoilers Ahead!!):

The Original Novel. "Who Killed Ackroyd?" was first published as a series of stories in a newspaper in 1925, and then as a complete novel in 1926 as "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd". It is the third novel to feature Hercule Poirot as the lead detective. It was well-received, and considered a masterpiece. It was also deemed controversial because of its twist ending that made a huge impact on the detective genre.
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Ep. Finale 12: "Garlic Chive-Egg Rice and Shrimp Chili of Hatchobori, Chuo Ward, Tokyo"

Episode Synopsis. Inogashira Goro is in Hatchobori to visit a long time client and friend, Igarashi (Otomo Kohei) who manages a music bar. The last time they've been in contact was four years ago when Igarashi made some drunken, unreasonable job request to Goro. This time, he has another "unreasonable" request... After finishing business talks, Goro starts looking for a shop to eat lunch. There were high-end shops within the area but eventually, he found "Chinese Food, Shibuya". It's exactly what he was looking for, an eatery that offers "the common people's meals". Inside, the shopowner (Kadono Takuzo) ushers him in. There were so many Chinese-style dishes to choose from, Goro had a hard time deciding. In the end, he orders Nira-Tama (Garlic Chives Stir Fry with Eggs), Shrimp Toast, Shrimp Chili...
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