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Ep. 22 (Season 3 Ep2): "Tomatoes Wrapped in Pork Belly"

Episode Synopsis:
Manga editor, Uno (Dankan) comes to the shop with ​​Hashimoto Wataru (Ishida Hoshi). Uno has been put in charge of Hashimoto, an upcoming mangaka, who has just been awarded the Newcomer Award. The editor introduces Hashimoto to his favorite dish, Master's Tomato-Pork Belly Rolls. Six months later, while living with Noriko (Shiina Kotone), a girl he met at the diner, Hashimoto, continues to draw manga. Even after winning, he still hasn't had a series debut, and had been living off Noriko's salary. Coincidence or not, it seems that whenever Uno introduced a newbie mangaka to Tomato Rolls, that mangaka ends up as unsuccessful. Hashimoto, gradually drives himself to a corner...

Drama Notes:

Butabara Tomato Maki [豚バラトマト巻き]. Butabara means "pork belly" or "pork back ribs". In izakayas, they're often served in skewers, and roasted. served with grated daikon. As seen in the episode, season thin slices of pork belly with salt and pepper. Roll or wrap cherry tomatoes with it and place in skewer, then grill. Serve when cooked. Of course, you can try bacon, too.
(pic: umanga)

Tezuka Osamu. The "God of Manga", creator of Astroboy and Black Jack. His trademark look includes wearing a Basque beret, hence, the characters wearing berets at the end of the episode.
(info: wiki)

Big Comic Original. It is a manga magazine published by Shogakukan since 1972, aimed for male readers aged 17 to 40s (though it has female readers, too). Its cover often features illustrations of dogs or cats and a haiku. It features "a wide variety of material, from historical dramas and suspense to sports and romance, with relatively little science fiction or fantasy." It publishes Abe Yaro's "Shinya Shokudo" as well. Other notable mangakas whose works were published in this magazine include Adachi Mitsuru, Akiyama George, and Urasawa Naoki.
(info/pic: wiki)

Episode 22: "Butabara Tomato-Maki". It is based on Chapter 72, Vol. 6. Except for some additional characters, the episode stayed true to the manga.

Episode Index: (link)
Date: 2014-11-06 06:25 am (UTC)

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This episode was kinda dark for me. There wasn't much good-food cheerfulness going around it seemed. I wonder if this is the direction the series will take this season? I would like it a little more light-hearted with some interesting delicious looking dishes instead.

How about you? Did you get a different impression than I did?


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