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Ep. 21 (Season 3 Ep1): "Menchikatsu"

Episode Synopsis:
Somewhere downtown, a small greasy spoon opens at midnight until around 7 in the morning. It is nicknamed "The Late Night Diner". Its menu consists only of beer, sake, shochu, and miso-pork set meal. If a customer wishes to order some other dish, Master (Kobayashi Kaoru Kobayashi) will prepare it if he can. Tonight, his regular patrons like Chuu (Fuwa Mansaku), and two of the Ochazuke Sisters (Sudo Risa, Kobayashi Kaoru) are as usual, chatting away and enjoying their drinks and meals. In comes singer Kashima Misao (Miho Jun) who hasn't been to the shop since her songwriter husband died 8 years ago. She orders what used to be her husband's favorite dish, menchikatsu. However, she breaks down in tears as she eats. Depressed after losing her husband, she cannot bear to sing the songs that he had written for her, and spends her days holed up in her house. Meanwhile, Kyoko (Watanabe Makiko), wife of regular patron and food critic, Toyama (Iwamatsu Ryo) is stricken with cancer and is hospitalized. She tells her husband that she wants to listen to a certain song. Its title is "Don't Say Anything", a classic love song sung by Misao...

Drama Notes:

Menchikatsu [メンチカツ]. These are "breaded and deep-fried ground meat cutlet or croquette; a fried meat cake. The meat is usually ground beef, or pork, or sometimes a mixture of the two. (...) Menchi and katsu are phonologically modified versions of the words 'mince' and 'cutlet'." For a recipe, try Cooking with Dog.
(info/pic: wiki)

The 3 "fukuro" of marriage [結婚の3つの袋]. This was usually included in wedding speeches, as more like a joke. "What are the 3 "fukuro" (bags) needed in marriage?" First, "ofukuro" (mother) which means not to forget one's parents who have raised you up. Second, "kinchaku-bukuro" (pay envelope) so there's money to feed the family and provide stability. And third, "kan'nin-bukuro" (patience) is needed for a husband and wife to grow together as a couple. Its counterpart in the West is the old joke: "The 3 rings of marriage: engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffering".
(info: yahoo) (pic: hikaritv)

"Ano hito wa ima..." [あの人は 今]. "That person is now..." is a "Whatever happened to" topic in articles found in tabloids or magazines that report on former celebs and inform what or how they are doing at the present. Examples are former child actors and retired idols. There was also an NTV variety show of the same name and format in 1995.
(info: officiallyjd,

Episode 21: "Menchi-Katsu". It is based on the manga's Chapter 161, Volume 12 (sorry, I have only up to Vol. 10 so this and the above left pic are the only info I can share atm orz). Anyway, the character Toyama, the food critic first appeared in Chapter 34, Volume 3 (right pic above) and in the drama, Season 1, Ep5 where he reunited with his old senpai and rediscovered his love for butter rice. He is portrayed by Iwamatsu Ryo.
(pic: comicsoon)

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Date: 2014-11-25 11:08 am (UTC)

Anybody know about the song?

From: (Anonymous)
I'm searching about Nani Wo Iwanaide. Is it a full featured song, or is that a song was made on purpose?


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