Jul. 2nd, 2017

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Ep. 9: "Zarzuela and Squid Ink Paella of Hatanodai, Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo"

Episode Synopsis.
Inogashira (Matsushige Yutaka) who was at a shopping district in Hatanodai, entered a traditional cafe called "Attic" to check his email messages. He reads one from a Finnish friend who requested him to look into how a particular old bathhouse in Tokyo was reused for other business purposes. After having thoroughly enjoyed a good old "cream soda", he arrived at the bathhouse. The owner Todo (Kamio Yu) showed him around the place while Goro took pictures to send to his friend in Finland. While reviewing the photos on his digital camera, he chanced upon old pics of the time he spent in Paris. It also reminded him of Sayuki, who once confessed to him before... Then, Goro felt hungry. He saw a shop with the Spanish national flag in front. Its red signboard said "Spanish Diner, Ishii." Wile Goro was ushered in by the wife (Hitomi Sato), he got startled by loud popping sounds from the kitchen. He looked at the menu and was pleased to see that there are offers of half-sized dishes, too. Soon, Goro indulged himself in a one-man fiesta of Spanish cuisine: zarzuela, squid ink paella, albondigas, huevos revueltos, etc...

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