Jan. 7th, 2017

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Kodoku no Gurume 2017 New Year SP ~Inogashira Goro no Nagai Tsuitachi~ (2 Jan. 2017, TV Tokyo) features our protaganist Inogashira Goro (Matsushige Yutaka) working at the start of the New Year. It starts with a strange dream while taking a short nap inside his car. The dream reminded him how hungry he feels so he goes in search of an eatery. He tries to revisit two of the shops where he went before but for reasons, he cannot eat there. In vain, he goes about his business in Nakano, Nakano Ward but in the end, his hunger gets the best of him. He decides to settle for any good shop he can find within the area. Good thing he found a nearby shop called "Saisai Shokudou" which serves delicious Shanghai home cooked meals. Unfamiliar with the cuisine, he asks proprietress (Miyazaki Yoshiko) to help him choose the dishes... Later in the day, he goes to Tsudanuma, Chiba Prefecture where persistent client Sugihara (Kitamura Soichiro) asks him to stay at an office to continue working on a proposal. Goro is annoyed but begrudgingly complies, and gets to work. Before he knows it, it is already late in the night. Feeling hungry once again, he goes off to find some place to eat. He discovers a steakhouse called "Texas". Goro cannot help but leave his work behind, and partake of scrumptious late night steak dinner. Restaurant manager (Wada Masato) teaches him how to eat their steak, "Texas"-style...
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Kodoku no Gurume 2017 New Year SP
~Inogashira Goro no Nagai Tsuitachi~
"Inogashira Goro's Long Day"
Subtitles by Wabi-Sabi Subs
Translation / Editing / Timing:
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These are timed to ruell's 720p version found at nyaa and a 480p version (link) I got through a webrip (it's a pretty okay quality if you're not very particular about it).
.Rar file includes .ass formats only.
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