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Here is my translation of VS嵐2018年06月28日 OPT:

S: The theme of our Opening Talk seems to be a difficult one today.
[Caption: "Aug. 28 is 'Parfait Day'"]
Since today is "Parfait Day", have you had parfait lately? (Laughter)

M: I want to eat~. In the first place, it seems I've never had more than 10 parfaits in my life.

S: But when we went to a family restaurant (or Western-style diner), didn't you have one?

M: No, didn't have it.

S: What was that...

A: I ate, I ate.

S: You did, right? A sundae. It wasn't on a Sunday, but you had a sundae.

A: Ah~, it was a strawberry one, right? Strawberry.

S: No, I'm talking about chocolate.
[Caption: "They're not on the same page"]

It had different colors (flavors).

S: (To O and N) Have you eaten it (lately)?

O: Yeah, but I could only finish half.

S: You're the manager! (points at the cue card and reads it) It's gonna be "Wako Wako Gakko" this weekend, right?

[Caption pointing at O: "The Manager in Charge of Sweets", O smiles and nods]

You shouldn't say that.

N: Plus, he said "half", (our sweets will be) half like this:

How about you, Nino-sensei.

N: For me, frankly, if I'm so tired I couldn't stand up, I'd eat it.
[Caption: "Only during those times!?"]

A: Do you have times like that? So tired you couldn't stand up?

N demos, kneels on the floor

If it's like that, it'd be best if you take a day off.

O: Just go to bed early.

M: At that state, I recommend going to the hospital instead of eating parfait. [Laughter]

[Caption: "Definitely"]

A: Have some IV drip on you.

S: It seems, you know, there's more kinds of sweet now than the time when we were kids. Like, when we were small, there was nothing else but parfait and cakes.

N: And crepes, right?

S: Oh right, crepes!... Then, shall we talk about crepes?

Off Cam Staff: Next week!

S: Can we talk about crepes next week? Can we?

[Caption: "Next Week's OP Has Been Decided!?"]

N: Wonder if we'll remember it?

End of OPT.


Plus One: Masuda Takahisa
Opposing Team: Team Champion
Viking, Kamaitachi, Hyokkorihan, Abe Momoko, Yaegashi Akira
Date: 2018-08-09 10:14 pm (UTC)

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Thank you very much.
Date: 2018-08-10 01:25 am (UTC)

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thank you


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