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Ep. 8: "Stir Fry Lamb with Leeks and Spareribs of Okachimachi, Taito Ward, Tokyo"

Episode Synopsis. Inogashira Goro (Matsushige Yutaka) was visiting the jewelry district of Okachimachi. Takeuchi (Okada Koki), president of a jewelry and gem-processing store, asked Goro to handle the interior decoration of their first product exhibition at a department store. Goro admired Takeuchi's work philosophy of infusing their thoughts into their jewelry. After the meeting, Goro suddenly got hungry, and started searching for a shop. After a bit of searching, the character of "sheep" caught his eye. Fascinated by the shop's name, "Yangshang Ajibo," he believed his intuition and went inside the shop. The menu was full of the character for "sheep". He assembled his order, with much planning and thought. He ordered lamb meat stir-fry, lamb shumai, lamp soup, plus different condiment sauces, making up a superb "Lamb Meat Festival"...

Drama Notes:
Featured Eatery:

Yangshang Ajibo
Address: Tokyo, Taito Ward, Ueno 3-12-6
Tel. No: 03-6803-0168
How To Get There:
Three minute walk from Okachimachi Station (map)
More info/pix:

Okachimachi [御徒町]. Its name means "town of okachi", since okachi or low-ranking samurai or foot soldiers of samurai lords, used to lodge or stay there during the Edo Period. It is now known as a vibrant area for shopping and dining with many stalls along the streets. It is located in Taito Ward, between Ueno and Akihabara. The Okachimachi Jewelry District or "Jewelry Town" [ジュエリータウン御徒町] that sell quality jewelry at a good price (pic above) is located there. Other places to visit are Ameyokocho, Matsuzakaya Ueno Store, Kimchi Yokocho.
(info: jpninfo, ponkanchan, (pic: jto-net)

Ep. 8 Food Glossary (all pix above were taken from the restaurant)
Yu Yang Mian [魚羊麺]. Fish-Sheep Noodles. Take note that the Japanese keep calling all sheep meat, "ramu" or "lamb" in English, even though we don't know for certain if it was actually mutton (adult) or lamb (young). Since it's a Chinese shop, they call it "Yang" in this episode.
Yang Chao Fan [羊炒飯]. In Japanese, it's "Hitsuji Chahan" or "Lamb Fried Rice".
Lao Hu Cai [老虎菜]. Literally means "Tiger salad". It's a vegetable salad that has cilantro and peppers. Recipe: annmah. (1st pic above: tabelog)
Diǎnxīn [点心]. Dim sum
Shaomai [焼売]. "Shumai" in Japanese.
Xiao long bao [小笼包]. Soup dumplings. In Japan, it's pronounced as "Shou ron pou" [小籠包]. (2nd pic above: tabelog)
Lamb no Oyaki [ラムのお焼き]. Goro did not order this but wondered what it was. It's a baked dough with lamb meat filling (3rd pic above: koto1)
Mugi gohan [麦ご飯]. Boiled Barley-Rice. I posted a recipe for this in my Hondana Shokudou post.
Jiang [酱]. Meaning "sauce". In Japanese, it's called "hishou" [醤] but in this episode, they called it by its Chinese name, "jiang".

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