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Ep 5: "Conveyor Belt Sushi of Taishido, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo"

Episode Synopsis. Inogashira Goro (Matsushige Yutaka) was trying to enter a stained glass shop near Sangenjaya Station, when he noticed that store manager Aya (Yamashita Rio) was crying. Surprised at this unexpected scene, he hesitated to enter. After that, Goro heard the cause of Aya's tears. Later, her grandfather, Jiro (Wakabayashi Go) showed up and invited Goro to go fishing but... After leaving the shop, Goro got hungry and began looking for a shop at Suzuran Street. Here, he saw a conveyor belt sushi shop called "Daidokoya". Goro went inside, and immersed himself in the fun, revolving seafood carnival. Sushi of all shapes and toppings came into view in a little merry-go-round as Goro sat back and chose his meal. But a fierce battle is about to unfold... Later, bungling and cheerful fishing enthusiast, Hamazaki Densuke (Hamada Gaku) came in, lugging his fishing gear. He asked Goro what good food to order...

Drama Notes:

Featured Eatery:

Address: Tokyo, Setagaya Ward, Taishido 4-22-12
(Take note, this is the Sangenjaya Branch,
there is another branch in Dogenzaka, Shinjuku Ward)
Tel. No: 03-3424-1147
How To Get There:
One minute walk from Sangenjaya Subway Station (map)
More info/pix:

Setagaya Ward. Suzuran Street is a food street in Setagaya Ward, around 70 m in length. Eating and drinking shops and stalls are found on both sides, with Asian, and Western cuisine, as well as bars, and shops offering karaoke, and mahjong services. Other areas to visit in Setagaya are Komazawa Olympic Park (pic above) and Hasegawa Machiko Art Museum.
(info/pic: wiki, sumitai)

Kaiten Zushi [回転寿司]. Conveyor Belt Sushi, also known as Sushi-Go-Round, and Sushi Train. This concept was invented by Shiraishi Yoshiaki, manager of a standing sushi bar in Osaka, using a conveyor belt originally used for beer manufacturing. He opened the first conveyor belt sushi shop, "Genroku Zushi" in Fuse City (now Higashi Osaka City) in 1958. He also patented the conveyor belt sushi system. His shop was the only kaiten zushiya until 1978, when the patent expired, other similar shops had opened, and spread across the world.
(info: wiki, (pic: nhk_begin)

Kaiten Zushi Etiquette. If you notice, this is the first time Goro is shown eating at a sushi shop, maybe because sushi shops are usually expensive, and the theme of this drama series is to feature humble, affordable eateries as much as possible. As shown in this episode, a customer at a kaiten zushi usually helps himself by mixing his own tea, and getting his own gari (pickled ginger) and condiments (soy sauce, wasabi). Plates are color-coded according to prices so it's thoughtful if you stack them according to color, so that it'll be easier for the attendant who'll be counting the plates after your meal. If you can't find the sushi that you like, you can ask the chef to make you one by saying, "Sumimasen, (name of sushi) kudasai" or "(Name of sushi) itadaku kashira" (formal).
(info: matadornnetwork) (pic: nhk_begin)

Kaiten Zushi Glossary. In Kaiten Zushi, the menu usually consists of nigiri [にぎり] (raw/broiled ingredients on top of pressed vinegared rice) and makizushi [巻き寿司] the sushi rolled in nori, particularly the battleship type or gunkan makimono [軍艦巻物]. They also have a side menu, often includes miso soup and chawanmushi. "Osusume" [おすすめ] menu is the dishes offered for the day. For other kaiten zushi glossary, go here.
(pic: mos-mos)

Ushio Jiru [うしお汁]. That clear transparent soup that Goro had. It's usually made from fish or clam stock, and sake. Here's recipe for sea bream ushio jiru: NHK. And this one, using clams: food-in-japan.
(pic: coop-kobe)

Jingi Naki Tatakai: Hiroshima Shitō-hen [仁義なき戦い広島死闘篇]. "Battles Without Honor and Humanity: Deadly Fight in Hiroshima", also released as "Hiroshima Death March" in 1973. This is the second of five "Jingi Naka" series, that portrayed the yakuza. This is what the store manager was watching on her phone, and what moved her to tears.
(info/pic: wiki)

Kodoku no TsuriBaka. Hamada Gaku makes a guest appearance in this episode, portraying his character Hamazaki Densuke from the show "Tsuri Baka Nisshi". It's currently showing on its second season on the same network. Incidentally, Matsushige Yutaka will also make a crossover appearance in "Tsuri Baka..." as his character Goro (episode airing on May 26). Goro will visit and eat at the restaurant that is frequented by Hamazaki, and his boss Suzuki Ichinosuke (Nishida Toshiyuki).
(info: doramaworld) (pic tvtokyo)

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