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Ep 3: "Chicken and Vegetable with Herbs Soup Curry of Mita, Meguro Ward, Tokyo"

Episode Synopsis. Inogashira Goro (Matsushige Yutaka) is feeling nervous and excited over a possible big project of renovating interiors of guest rooms at a hotel in Meguro. Despite feeling confident, he was shocked when hotel executive Kudo (Yamazaki Shigenori) did not like his proposal. Kudo asks Goro to do it all over again. After the meeting, Goro walks around a residential area of Meguro in a daze, reflecting on what went wrong. Suddenly struck with hunger, he goes in search of a shop. He finds one with a huge statue of a cat at the entrance. The shop is called "Shania", a restaurant specializing in healthy "medicinal" soup curry and other Hokkaido-inspired dishes. Once inside, the shop clerk (Tanimura Mitsuki) hands him a menu, that explains step by step procedure on how to order soup curry...

Drama Notes:

Featured Eatery:

Medicinal Soup Curry, SHANIA
Address: Tokyo, Meguro Ward, Mita 1-5-5
Tel. No: 03-3442-3962
How To Get There:
10 min. walk from JR Ebisu Station
and Meguro Station (map)
More info/pix:

Soup Curry. I've already talked about Soup Curry from my "Soup Curry" Drama Notes: "Unlike traditional Indian and Pakistani curry that use milk and fat and the traditional Japanese style curry (thickened by flour), Soup Curry is a very thin broth type of curry with ingredients (vegetables along with preferred choice of meats) that are generally cut in large pieces." Other info from my notes: History/Origin of Soup Curry, Steps on How to Order Soup Curry, and the Recipe for Soup Curry.
(pic: TBS)

Yakuzen [薬膳]. Chinese medicinal cooking. Yakuzen dishes "prepared according to the teachings of Chinese traditional medicine (kanpoo) (...) served, according to the season and to the condition of the patient, if a doctor prescribes it. The food should consider the hot/cold condition and have plenty of fibers, vitamins and minerals." Ingredients include lotus fruit, ginseng, pine nuts, dates, wax gourd, and dried safflower (which was probably the red strands in Goro's soup)
(info: washokufood) (pic: b-lab)

Zangi [ザンギ]. Karaage is the name of Japanese deep fried chicken. But in Hokkaido, it is known as "zangi" which is said to be a Chinese term, and uses more starch than the regular fried chicken batter. Here is a recipe: taiken.
(pic: yahoo)

Imo Mochi [いももち]. Potato Mochi. Another Hokkaido dish. Made with potatoes and potato starch. It can be an ingredient in a vegetable soup, or eaten as a snack with sweet condiment. Here is a recipe: keithandcelia.
(pic: 真っ黒かんかん)

Yama-Wasabi [山わさび]. Mountain wasabi, horseradish popular in Hokkaido, said to be spicier than green wasabi.
(pic: kissui)

What Was Actually Said.
Goro's Puns. When Goro did not realize he ordered two chicken dishes, he said "Asette 'torimadashita' " (焦って 「とりみだした」). "Tori" means chicken/bird "torimadashita' means "I messed up". So, what he said was something like "I messed up due to my impatience." Next, during the ending scene, after thinking of a ludicrous idea for the guest room, he said "Nyan-tekottai" [にゃんてこったい] which is a meow pun on "Nantekottai" [何てこったい]. It's an expression blurted out when you make a mistake, like "Oh great!" or "What the hell!" or "Dammit!".

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Thanks for the nice post, well-explained, starving now hahaha. this jdo always interests me.
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It seemed that the website does not display credit for actress playing the customers for this episode.


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