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Kodoku no Gurume Season 6 (Spring 2017, TV Tokyo) follows once again, Inogashira Goro (Matsushige Yutaka) as he samples local cuisine of humble, family-owned eateries in and around Tokyo while he goes about his business. In the ending segment, original author Qusumi Masayuki visits the featured eatery to interview the actual shopowners.
© original text by: earthcolors

"The Solitary Gourmet"
Subtitles by WABI-SABI SUBS
Translation / Editing / Typesetting / Timing:

Special Thanks for the Raws:

These softsubs are for personal or reference use only.
These are not for sale, reposting or re-uploading.
If you wish to inform others of it, kindly redirect them here.
Do not re-edit and release as your own.
If you wish to do anything with these translations, please let me know.

Subbing Notes:
Subs are available in Aegisubs format only.
I will upload .srt versions later on.
So far, these are timed to the raws uploaded by ruell (lleur's raws) at nyaa.
Update1: Added subs timed to 480p raws uploaded by VampireXxX
There's no word yet where to find future raws after nyaa's demise.
But I will continue subbing no matter what.
Update2: lleur's raws can now be found at anidex dot info, and  tokyotosho dot info.
While the 480p raws are over at nyaa dot si, acgnx dot se, and avistaz. Keep seeding pls~!
Update3: PDF file containing details of the featured shops this Season 6 is available now.
DL link below.

Subbing Updates:

'Red bowl' (.ass subs) = timed to lleur raws
'Black bowl' (.ass subs) = timed to 480p
'Drink' = Drama Notes Link
Ep. 1: "Okonomiyaki Set Meal and Plain Kushikatsu of Bishoen, Osaka" (Aired 8 April) -  |  | 
Ep. 2: "Pan-Fried Pork Belly with Ginger Set Meal of Yodobashi Market, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo" (Aired 15 April) -  |  | 
Ep. 3: "Chicken and Vegetable with Herbs Soup Curry of Mita, Meguro Ward, Tokyo" (Aired 21 April) -   |  | 
Ep. 4: "Special Salted Beef Tongue and Kainomi of Higashiyamato City, Tokyo" (Aired 29 April) -  |  | 
Ep. 5: "Conveyor Belt Sushi of Taishido, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo" (Aired 6 May) -  |  | 

Ep. 6: "Stir Fry Pork with Pickled Takana Mustard Greens and Beef Soup Soba of Takadanobaba, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo" (Aired 13 May) -  |  |  
Ep. 7: "Sara Udon and Spring Rolls of Dogenzaka, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo" (Aired 20 May) -  |  | 
Ep. 8: "Stir Fry Lamb with Leeks and Spareribs of Okachimachi, Taito Ward, Tokyo" (Aired 27 May) -  |  | 
Ep. 9: "Zarzuela and Squid Ink Paella of Hatanodai, Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo" (Aired 10 June) -  |  | 
Ep. 10: "Aji Fry Set Meal of Kanaya, Futtsu, Chiba Prefecture" (Aired 17 June) -  |  | 
Ep. 11: "Chilled Dandan Noodles and Twice Cooked Pork of Myogadani, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo" (Aired 24 June) -  |  | 
Ep. 12 Finale:  "Deep Fried Corn and Beef Rice of Gotanda, Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo" (Aired 1 July) -  |  | 

Complete EN Subs: (480p) (lleur-raws)

D-addicts thread: (link)
Complete list of Season 6's featured shops: (link)
Other KnG Seasons:
Kodoku no Gurume [Season 1] softsubs: (link)
Kodoku no Gurume [Season 2] softsubs: (link)
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Date: 2017-04-21 01:18 am (UTC)

From: (Anonymous)
Hooray! Thank you! Looking forward to this.

(has Furransu stopped uploading raws, or are they on vacation? They haven't updated in some time)
Date: 2017-04-22 05:25 am (UTC)

From: [personal profile] starlight1001
Thanks so much again!
Please take your time, your subs are always appreciated and worth waiting for ^^
Date: 2017-04-22 11:16 am (UTC)


From: (Anonymous)
Thank you very much for Episode 1 subs! I'm happy that Kodoku no Gurume has continued with a sixth season. Here's to more episodes of Goro's gourmet adventures!
Date: 2017-04-22 02:54 pm (UTC)

From: (Anonymous)
Thank you!
Date: 2017-04-22 06:43 pm (UTC)

riji: (Default)
From: [personal profile] riji
Thank you for subbing this ^_^
Date: 2017-04-22 10:17 pm (UTC)

From: [personal profile] soonpi
Thank you SO MUCH!!
Date: 2017-04-27 12:53 pm (UTC)

sutekinaj: (Dean Fujioka)
From: [personal profile] sutekinaj
Thank you very much for the subs.
Date: 2017-04-28 07:06 pm (UTC)

tronella: (Default)
From: [personal profile] tronella
Thanks so much for continuing to sub this show! I really enjoy it a lot :)
Date: 2017-05-01 02:00 am (UTC)

Thanks for doing Season 6

From: (Anonymous)
It's really great to see that you've starting subbing Kodoku no Gourment, Season 6. My wife and I always enjoy your work and look forward to this season.
Keep it up!
Date: 2017-05-02 05:21 pm (UTC)

From: [personal profile] soonpi
*sigh* so sorry to ask, but now that nyaa is down for the foreseeable future, any suggestions on where we can find new eps??
Date: 2017-05-02 05:34 pm (UTC)

From: [personal profile] soonpi
thank you so much!
Date: 2017-05-02 10:52 pm (UTC)

dhisashi: (Default)
From: [personal profile] dhisashi
Kodoku no Gurume S06E04 1080p HDTV AAC x264-lleur-raws
Episodes 01 to 03 are also there.

The 1080p RAW are being uploaded at AvistaZ.

Date: 2017-05-03 12:50 am (UTC)

dhisashi: (Default)
From: [personal profile] dhisashi
Sorry. I thought that ep04 was new and the uploader at AvistaZ was from lleur. My bad. Or maybe wishful thinking. NYAA going away is BAD.
Date: 2017-05-03 01:37 am (UTC)

From: [personal profile] soonpi
not sure that i'd be allowed to use avistaz. torrenting ports are blocked on my isp (have been using a web-based downloader in lieu of a torrent client), thus i'm unable to share torrents myself to get access to a private tracker :(
Date: 2017-05-05 02:52 pm (UTC)

riji: (Default)
From: [personal profile] riji
Can you tell me where VampireXxX posts their raws?
Date: 2017-05-05 09:38 am (UTC)

From: (Anonymous)
Where can i get vampire raw ?

i can't register at avistaz :(

will ileur upload somewhere else ?
Date: 2017-05-09 11:07 am (UTC)

From: (Anonymous)
is ileur still uploading kodoku raw ?

as i don't have access to avistaz :(

is there any other site he upload to ??

Date: 2017-05-09 04:30 pm (UTC)

From: [personal profile] soonpi
*cheers* hooray for dhisashi!! thank you two so much!!!
Date: 2017-05-13 08:25 am (UTC)

Restaurant notes from Ep 03 is missing

From: (Anonymous)
I'm not sure if it was intentional or not but the restaurant notes from Ep 2 and 3 are identical.
Date: 2017-05-18 03:55 am (UTC)

Ep 5 sub links not working

From: (Anonymous)
Thank you so much for your hard and dedication to my favorite series but it seems that both links to your subs are currently not working.
Date: 2017-05-23 05:18 am (UTC)

hello earthcolors, i'm lleur

From: (Anonymous)
are you interested in KnG season 1 bluray?

can you come to my irc channel?
Date: 2017-05-28 11:09 am (UTC)

Re: hello earthcolors, i'm lleur

From: (Anonymous)
thx for reply.

that site? anidex?

btw, I need your help for Kodoku no gurume s1 bluray.
it has some extended versions of episodes.

we can talk more at my irc channel.
Date: 2017-06-01 10:06 am (UTC)

Re: hello earthcolors, i'm lleur

hip_throne: (Default)
From: [personal profile] hip_throne
Did you ever figure this out, earthcolors? irc isn't a website, it's a chat/fileshare protocol. You need to download a client (such as mIRC to connect to an irc channel. Once you're in there you can chat, and send and receive files. Here's a tutorial for you:
Date: 2017-05-23 12:07 pm (UTC)

From: (Anonymous)
OMG 480p raw delay the others so long -_-"

can you release the 720p first and 480p deliver later ?
Date: 2017-06-21 07:10 pm (UTC)

From: (Anonymous)

At the end of the episode, it says that Kusumi asks for "almóndigas". Is it really what it says in japanese?

It's very funny because the correct word es "albóndiga", here in Spain saying "almóndiga" is like a slang joke, when you want to sound like a country bumpkin.

Thank you.
Date: 2017-06-27 03:41 am (UTC)

From: (Anonymous)
Good spot. I assume it was a typo. He actually said albóndigas (アルボンディガス).
Date: 2017-06-28 10:34 pm (UTC)

From: (Anonymous)
Where is episode 10 ?

why so long ?
Date: 2017-07-19 11:37 am (UTC)

Ep 10 - 12 Subs cannot be played in VLC

From: (Anonymous)
I use VLC 2.2.6 on Mac with lleur raws. Somehow subs for episode 10 - 12 will not appear when playing the video. I have tried to use the 480p subs as well but still no English text is displayed.
Date: 2017-07-20 02:18 pm (UTC)

Re: Ep 10 - 12 Subs cannot be played in VLC

From: (Anonymous)
I got the subs from this site, raws from tokyo toshokan. Since you mention editing the subs, I did not edit the subs however looking at it with notepad I notice that the video file parameter in [script info] section does not match the actual filename. Editing that parameter makes no difference, the subtitle text still would not appear.
I have also tried to download the subs again three days ago and it still would not work.
(screened comment)
Date: 2017-07-21 01:03 pm (UTC)

Re: Ep 10 - 12 Subs cannot be played in VLC

From: (Anonymous)
Thanks, I have downloaded the srt and verify that they can be displayed. At least now I know what the characters are talking about. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Out of curiosity I tried to use another video player for Mac called Wondershare and tested both srt and ass subtitle in that player. Ass subtitle is partially displayed, I thinks there supposed to be two line but only the top line is shown. Srt subtitle however is displayed correctly in one line.


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