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Ep. 1: "Okonomiyaki Set Meal and Plain Kushikatsu of Bishoen, Osaka"

Episode Synopsis. Inogashira Goro (Matsushige Yutaka) arrives in Osaka City for some business appointments. He is immediately invited by a barker (Namioka Kazuki) to try and have lunch at a kushikatsu shop. However, Goro has to regretfully decline for he has to leave for his appointment. During his meeting with real estate agent Shimazaki (Rokkaku Seiji), Goro cannot help but be amazed at how his Hokkaido-born friend/client sounded like a true-blooded Osaka native. After his meeting, Goro eats at an okonomiyaki/yakisoba shop called "Amakaraya". Although he is reluctant to eat okonomiyaki with rice (the Osaka way), he tries it out in the end, and was not disappointed... Later in the day, after another meeting with a client, Goro passes by a stall called "Kushikatsu/Doteyaki, Takeda" along a street. He finally can have the skewered goods that he had left behind earlier in the day...

Drama Notes:

Featured Eateries:


Address: Osaka Prefecture,
Osaka City, Abeno Ward, Bishōen 3 - 2- 4
Tel. No: 06-6629-1470
How To Get There:
5 min. walk from JR Bishoen Station
More info/pix:
tabelog, buzzplus (map)

Kushikatsu/Doteyaki TAKEDA
[串かつ・どて焼 武田]

Address: Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City,
Hirano Ward, Hirano-Honcho 1 - 5
Tel. No: 090-3659-5616
How To Get There:
10 min. walk from JR Hirano Station
More info/pix:
tabelog, ichiro's blog (map)

Kushikatsu [串カツ]. I already mentioned this in Shinya Shokudo Ep3 notes, which was the "benishoga-ten(pura)" episode. In Tokyo, this is known as "kushi-age". Here's a recipe for kushikatsu with dipping sauce: sbs.
(info/pic: wiki)

No Double Dipping [二度づけ禁止]. This sign is posted in kushikatsu stalls. If you have to add more sauce to your already eaten kushikatsu, you can use a piece of unused cabbage to scoop some sauce to add to your skewer. Chopped cabbages are usually served along with your kushikatsu. Btw, in this episode, the cabbage pieces were the crunchy ones Goro ate, imitating the other customer (which was a cameo appearance by baseball player, Shimoyanagi Tsuyoshi). Eating cabbages also gives the customer's tastebuds a break from the oily aftertaste of kushikatsu.
(info: tsunagujapan)

The Ladies of Kushikatsu/Doteyaki Takeda. The two grandma sisters manning the kushikatsu stall were interviewed by blogger ichiro who visited them after the episode. He says the ladies did not know who Matsushige Yutaka was. Apparently they do not watch "Kodoku no Gurume" since it airs late at night, and they're both asleep by that time (Season 6 Ep.1 was the first time they watched it).
At first, during filming, they rehearsed using only skewers without the ingredients, and they commented that "that person (Matsushige) eats so~ gracefully".
(info: ichiro

Doteyaki [どて焼き]. Beef tendon braised in miso and mirin. Here's a recipe from washoku.

What Was Actually Said:

"Kono dagashi no dana kanji" [この駄菓子の駄な感じ。].
This literally translates to "That feeling of "cheap" as in "cheap sweets"." This one was hard to translate. So I was basically guessing here. Goro said this line when he tried the okonomiyaki with the "mayo, ketchup, mustard" condiment. "Dagashi" means "cheap sweets", and "da" in "dagashi" means cheap" or "low quality". They're called that because sugar was expensive during the Edo period, and only noble people get to eat sweets using white or refined sugar (called "jokashi" or deluxe sweets). The commoners have to contend with "dagashi" using cheap sweeteners, or any substitute available to sweeten their confectioneries. Nowadays, "dagashi" refers to the mass produced type of candies and sweets. So what does Goro mean? I don't think he meant anything bad by saying the okonomiyaki condiment had "that cheap feeling" or is of low-quality. So in order to avoid confusion and do away with long translator's notes, I omitted the "dagashi" thing and wrote instead, "That folksy feeling... the folksy kind of flavor", meaning Goro perhaps thinks it has the "common people" flavor since it is easy, fast, and cheap to prepare.
(info: yahoo,

"Nandeyanen" [なんでやねん]. What the old man taught Goro, the go-to line you can use as a reply to almost anything that's told to you in jest by an Osaka person. With rising inflection on the "deya", as in "NanDEYAnen", it can mean "What the hell", "What're you saying", "What are you going on about?", "You've got to be kidding."

Episode Index (link)


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