Apr. 3rd, 2017

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Ahh~ just when I thought I could rest this Spring TV season, in comes "Kodoku no Gurume Season 6"... oh well...
Anyway, I really enjoyed Seirei no Moribito S2, and was happy that I took up that project. Really excited for Season 3...

Here are the projects for spring:

Mamagoto. (Continuation)
I promise to finish this. I won't start with KodoGuru6 unless I'm done with this first. Just 2 episodes to go...
Edit: Done! Subs complete.

Kodoku no Gurume 6.
Starts April 5 8, but as I said, I might start late (maybe sometime next week). Just want to rest a bit after I'm done with Mamagoto.
Also, while researching for latest news about this show, I chanced upon this article from AV Club, where our subs got mentioned. lol

Some SP...
I wanted to sub an SP or two but can't promise anything and I don't want to deter other subbers from taking them either.
I hope I'll have the time though...

That's all for now...


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