Apr. 2nd, 2017

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Seirei no Moribito S2: Kanashiki Hakaishin (Winter 2017, NHK) is the second installment of the three part TV adaptation of Uehashi Naoko's Moribito Series. The setting takes place four years after the failed assassination attempt by the legendary female bodyguard Balsa (Ayase Haruka) against the King of Kambal, Rogsam (Nakamura Shido). Balsa is in the Rota Kingdom, keeping a low profile as a fugitive. In a port town, she reunites with her childhood friend and shaman, Tanda (Higashide Masahiro). She spots two children, Asla (Suzuki Rio) and her older brother Chikisa (Fukuyama Kohei) being sold by a gang of slave traders. Then a horrific massacre happens, killing the slave traders in an instant, but leaving the children unscathed. Balsa and Tanda rescue and take in the children. They sense that something dwells inside Asla, a kind of sinister spirit that may have caused the massacre. However, for Asla, the spirit is a powerful and destructive god that her people, the Talu tribe worships. Watching their movements are a shaman from Rota, Sfal (Emoto Akira), and his daughter Shihana (Maki Yoko). They are tasked by the king of Rota to find Asla, and to stop the god of Talu from resurrecting... Meanwhile across the sea, the islands of Sangal Kingdom are under attack by the Talsh Empire from the southern continent. They plead with the Emperor of New Yogo (Fujiwara Tatsuya) for reinforcements. Fifteen year old Crown Prince Chagum (Itagaki Muzuki) suggests to form an alliance with the Rota and Kambal Kingdoms in order to help thwart the looming presence of the Talsh Empire. However, instead of heeding his suggestion, his father orders him to go to Sangal and take care of the matter himself...
© original text by: earthcolors

"Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit 2 ~The Sorrowful God of Destruction~"

Subtitles by WABI-SABI SUBS
Translation / Editing / Timing:
Special thanks to:
These softsubs are for personal or reference use only.
These are not for sale, reposting or re-uploading.
If you wish to inform others of it, kindly redirect them here.
Do not re-edit and release as your own.
If you wish to do anything with these translations, please let me know.
Subs are available in Aegisubs format only. I may upload .srt versions but only after all the subs are done.
These are timed to 480p raws uploaded by furransu and DoA raws uploaded by miax.
Fonts used for the subs are Arial Narrow (link) and Centaur (link). I recommend that you download and install in case you do not have them.
In the previous season, I wrote "Kanbal (Kingdom)" but in this season, I've changed it to "Kambal".

*Click on "spears" for the 480p subs and on "swords" for the DoA subs (all in .ass format only)

Ep 1: "Child of Evil" | 
Ep 2: "Trap" | 
Ep 3: "The Powerful Light" | 
Ep 4: "The Laughing Monster" - 
Ep 5: "Heading For a Sacred Place"
Ep 6: "The Fangs of the Empire" | 
Ep 7: "Guardian of the God" | 
Ep 8: "The Prince's Trail" | 
Ep Finale 9: "Souls Calling Out for Each Other" | 

Complete Batch of Subs:
480p (ASS format) (SRT Format)
DoA (ASS format) (SRT Format)

D-addicts thread (link)
Season 1: (link)


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