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I decided to translate Trailer 2 as well. Trailer 1 is here.

Transcript and links to softsubs are under the cut.

Dailymotion link

(Note: If I did not translate a certain text, it is because the Narrator is already mentioning it)

This is based on historical facts.

Narrator: During the Sengoku Period... Just one step from uniting the whole world, Oda Nobunaga... had only one country left that he had never attacked.
Text: "The Strongest Oda Nobunaga Army"

Narrator: That country was Iga. It was a country made up of a great number of brute ninjas. Then, in the end, the strongest Oda army attacks...
Oda Nobukatsu (Chinen Yuri): Fire!!

Narrator: This is the historical first and the last... war between samurais and ninjas. It was called the "Tensho Iga War".
Text: "Tensho Iga War (1578-1579)"

Shimoyama Kai (Denden): If this continues, Iga is doomed.

(Probably) Momoji Sandayu (Tatekawa Danshun): We simply cannot overcome this.

Narrator: However, in that country, a peerless shinobi... ...named Mumon was there.
Mumon [Ohno Satoshi]): Yo!

Text: "Nobo no Shiro" "Murakami Kaizoku no Musume" Original Work / Screenplay: Wada Ryo

Iga Shinobi: Mumon has arrived!
Iga Shinobi: Mumon!

Mumon: All men of Iga... Hear me out! Gather immediately at the battlefield and show the skills you acquired from your years of Ninjutsu training!!

O-Kuni (Ishihara Satomi): You must not die.

Voice (unknown): We...
(Probably) Momoji Sandayu: ...Iga men...
(Probably) Shimoyama Heibe (Suzuki Ryohei): ...Truly deceived.

Text: "The Magnificent Nine" Director, Nakamura Yoshihiro

Momoji Sandayu: Prepare yourselves!

Shimoyama Heibe: I am not your enemy.

Mumon: How dare you let my wife be in danger.

Momoji Sandayu: Do you intend to fight all of Iga!?

Text: "10,000 VS 1 Man"

Mumon: Am I able to know what will happen next!?

Narrator: Shinobi no Kuni!

Mumon: I will save you!

Text: "July 1: Watch History's Great Reversal!!"

Softsubs here: (link)

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